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60s Theme Party on a Budget

Were the 1960s your prime? Are you looking to throw a party that will throw it back to the 60s? Do you want to delve back into your hippie days and throw a bash with a hippie party theme? If you answered yes to any of those, it’s time to throw a 60s party on a budget. PartyCheap has plenty of 60s decorations that will have all your guests feeling nostalgic, questioning whether it really is the 60s right now! So what are we waiting for, let's get started!

Our Tie-Dyed Tablecover will give your guests a totally far out experience. The tablecover measures 54 inches by 108 inches, which is long enough to cover most, but not all, rectangular tables. It’s made of plastic with a tie-dye design including red, pink, green, yellow, blue and purple. This tablecover will add a lot of color, which is exactly what you want at this type of party. Just because you’re looking to plan a cheap 60s theme party, doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice the quality of the decoration for price. Here at PartyCheap, you can have both! It all starts with this tablecover.

Now that we have the tablecover solved, it’s time to build on top of that… literally! The 60’s Bus Centerpiece is the perfect table decoration for your party. Celebrate the 60s with this colorful centerpiece. The bus is multi-colored and is decorated with hearts, flowers, sunshines and peace signs. You know what60's Bus Centerpiece else is groovy about this bus? The back is open so you can fill it with candy for your guests! The bus measures nine and three quarter inches, so it will definitely catch the eyes of your guests. It would look great atop the Tie-Dyed Tablecover mentioned in the paragraph above.

It’s time to really go back to the 60s with the Tie-Dyed Hot/Cold Cups. These brightly colored cups are perfect for a hot or cold beverage, giving you, the party planner, ample options in terms of beverage options. Each cup holds nine ounces of liquid and each package comes with eight cups. The cups are just like every other decoration here, bright, colorful and visually appealing! These cups pair perfectly with the Tie-Dyed Lunch Napkins and Peace Sign Lunch Plates.

All the decorations around you have peace signs and bright colors, so take it a step farther and put it on you! Our Peace Sign Suspenders are an essential clothing item at your 60s party. Plus, they are cheap! On the night of your party, make sure you and everyone else have these suspenders on. The suspenders are one size fits most and have adjustable straps. These fashionable suspenders are purple with peace signs in various colors. We believe it goes without saying, but these suspenders are rad!

Sure, there is a bus centerpiece on all of your tables, but you aren’t behind the wheel. Well, with the Hippie Bus Photo Prop, you can get a picture where it looks like you are driving a hippie bus! This a cheap, yet Hippie Bus Photo Propquality hippie party idea that will be a hit at your party! Just have someone snap your picture and there you go, you’re all set! The photo prop is made out of cardstock and is 37 inches wide by 25 inches tall. Comes one per package.

Having trouble picturing what you can decorate your walls like for this groovy party? Check out our 60s hippie Insta-Theme. Like all of our insta-themes, this gives you a great idea of how you can decorate your party area. And with all of the products in the picture in one place, it makes building your party even easier!

When it comes to 60s theme party ideas, the hippie idea definitely takes the cake. If you’re looking for more 60s party ideas, click here. That provides ideas for invitations, as well as classic 60s decoration ideas like lava lamps, incense, etc. PartyCheap has an extensive selection of decorations to help you throw a groovy 60s theme party on a budget. With all of that in mind, go ahead, dive on in! Click the green “Shop Now” button below to start searching for decorations for your far out 60s party!