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Medieval Castle Insta-Theme

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The Jointed Suit of Armor makes a perfect wall decoration for lining the walls of an entrance hallway or posting on either side of the main entrance door. It is a great, easy-to-use decoration that measure six feet tall! Comes one per package. Jointed Suit of Armor - 6 ft tall
Retail Price: $15.25
Our Price: $13.73
You save $1.52!
This high resolution, top quality photo realistic stone wall backdrop looks just like a real stone wall & is perfect for parties, RPGs or just adding character to a room. Stone Wall Backdrop
Retail Price: $20.49
Our Price: $18.44
You save $2.05!
Create the look of a medieval castle with these Castle Stairway, Window and Torch Props! The artwork is so good that you will have to touch it to make sure it isn't real stone! Comes with nine decorations to transform your living room into a castle. Castle Stairway, Window, and Torch Props (9/Pkg)
Retail Price: $8.99
Our Price: $8.09
You save $0.90!
Hang this 3-D Wall Torch w/Flame in an entryway as a way to set the scene for your Halloween, Medieval, or Dungeon theme party. It is made of cardstock material and measures 17 inches. Comes one authentic-looking wall torch per package. 3-D Wall Torch w/Flame
Retail Price: $5.65
Our Price: $5.09
You save $0.56!
Planning a dungeon themed party or hosting a dungeon themed RPG?  This Dirt Floor Backdrop helps set the perfect mood. Dirt Floor Backdrop
Retail Price: $20.49
Our Price: $18.44
You save $2.05!
Medieval Crest Cutout Medieval Crest Cutout
Retail Price: $1.79
Our Price: $1.61
You save $0.18!
Jointed Medieval Pull-Down Cutout Jointed Medieval Pull-Down Cutout
Retail Price: $7.35
Our Price: $6.62
You save $0.73!
Take a stab at decorating with these Medieval Sword Cutouts. You'll receive three different swords per package. The Medieval Sword Cutouts are made to look like a realistic sword with a steel gray point and a leather handle and they are made of cardstock. Medieval Sword Cutouts (3/pkg)
Retail Price: $4.69
Our Price: $4.22
You save $0.47!
Herald Trumpet Cutouts (2/pkg) Herald Trumpet Cutouts (2/pkg)
Retail Price: $3.55
Our Price: $3.20
You save $0.35!
Castle Window Insta-View Castle Window Insta-View
Retail Price: $8.39
Our Price: $7.55
You save $0.84!
Castle Door and Window Props (9/pkg) Castle Door and Window Props (9/pkg)
Retail Price: $8.99
Our Price: $8.09
You save $0.90!

Medieval Castle Backdrops, Backgrounds & Props

Make this medieval party unforgettable with our Medieval Insta-Theme. Here, we have compiled our most popular medieval party supplies so all your medieval party essentials are in one convenient place.

Combine our medieval backdrops with our cardstock castle props, and your guests will think they've been taken back to the Middle Ages! Turn your dining room into a dungeon, or make a castle out of your kitchen! In a matter of seconds, your home will be completely transformed with the help of this medieval scene setter.

At Party Cheap, we can make your castle theme party a success without breaking your budget. Don't forget that props that will bring this theme to life. These items will make your party feel like an actual dungeon or castle. All of your little prince and princess' will love your Medieval Insta-Theme and your wallet will love it too!

Setting up the Medieval Insta-Theme

Having some royal guests over for your Medieval party and want your house to look up to par? Well then this Medieval Insta-Theme is perfect for your needs. The Stone Wall Background and Dirt Floor Backdrop will take your plan wall and add some life to it. Then to bring your castle to life place our Castle Stairway, Window and Torch Props on the wall as well. To really make your wall look real, add out Medieval Cutouts like a Suit of Armor guarding the stairway. The more detail you add the better and you guest will love it!

But this can be used for more occasions. It would look great up on stage for your next play or musical. The Medieval Insta-Theme is an inexpensive and quick way to bring your set to life. This way you don't have to loose precious practice time in order to build your set.

Make sure and take pictures during your event so you can have lasting memories. This background is perfect to use as a picture backdrop. Either at a dance or at a birthday party the guest will look dashing in front of the wall. Have guests really look like royalty and buy Medieval Costumes for them to dress up in. From adults to 5 year olds, they will love to put on a crown and robe and pose for a picture. No only will you have great pictures but you will also keep all of your guests entertained while doing this.