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Mustache Party Supplies and Decorations

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Black Hairy Mustache Black Hairy Mustache
Retail Price: $1.50
Our Price: $1.35
You save $0.15!
Green Gold and Purple Hairy Mustache Green Gold and Purple Hairy Mustache
Retail Price: $2.25
Our Price: $2.03
You save $0.22!
Red Hairy Mustache Red Hairy 'stache
Retail Price: $1.50
Our Price: $1.35
You save $0.15!
Moustache Tablecover Moustache Tablecover
Retail Price: $8.50
Our Price: $7.65
You save $0.85!
Pink Hairy 'stache Pink Hairy 'stache
Retail Price: $1.50
Our Price: $1.35
You save $0.15!

Fabulous facial hair is sweeping the nation!

Mustaches are the hottest new trend, and now you can throw your very own mustache party! Send out your Mustache Invitations, put out our Mustache Plates and Cups, and get your mustache party underway!

Mustaches are no longer limited to men; now everyone can enjoy a mustache! Get one of our Colorful Hairy Mustaches and admire your vibrant new facial hair. Pick up some of our Mustache Madness Straws so you can look like an evil villain every time you pick up your drink! Your guests will love our mustache party favors; send them home with Mustache Medallion Necklaces.

Decorate with our mustache decorations, like our mustache balloons and mustache party picks, and enjoy a very hairy night with all your closest friends!

13 Funny Nicknames For Mustaches

  1. Face Furniture
  2. Lip Toupee
  3. Manometer
  4. Crumb Catcher
  5. Soup Strainer
  6. Mouth Brow
  7. Face Lace
  8. Lip Caterpillar
  9. Cookie Duster
  10. Flavor Saver
  11. Lip Curtain
  12. Nose Neighbor
  13. Lip Sweater

12 Types of Mustaches

  • Chevron: Wide and thick, usually warn long. Most popular in the 70s and 80s.
  • Dali: Very narrow, with long, pointy ends. Named after Salvador Dali.
  • Fu Manchu: Full mustache that goes straight down, usually goes below the chin.
  • Handlebar (or Spaghetti): Bushy with small points at the end.
  • Horseshoe: Similar to a Handlebar with extensions that go from the corners of the mouth down to the jawline.
  • Imperial: Whiskers are grown from both the upper lip and cheeks and curled upwards.
  • Lampshade: Closely-cropped directly above, and the same length as the lip.
  • Painter's Brush: A variation of the Lampshade, grown thicker with rounded corners.
  • Pencil: Very thin, to look like it was drawn with a pencil.
  • Pyramid: Wide base above the lip that narrows as it reaches the nose.
  • Toothbrush: Very thick, but short - generally 1 inch or less - centered over the mouth.
  • Walrus: Looks like a walrus's mustache. Very thick and very bushy grown over the mouth. Popular in the 20s and again in the 60s.