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Mustache Party Supplies and Decorations

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Mustache Latex Balloon Mustache Latex Balloon
Retail Price: $0.54
Our Price: 0.45
You save $0.09!
Mustache Madness Centerpiece Mustache Madness Centerpiece
Retail Price: $6.55
Our Price: 5.45
You save $1.10!
Mustache Madness Hot/Cold Cups (8/pkg) Mustache Madness Hot/Cold Cups (8/pkg)
Retail Price: $4.65
Our Price: 3.72
You save $0.93!
Mustache Madness Dessert Plates (8/pkg) Mustache Madness Dessert Plates (8/pkg)
Retail Price: $4.20
Our Price: 3.36
You save $0.84!
Mustache Madness Lunch Plates (8/pkg) Mustache Madness Lunch Plates (8/pkg)
Retail Price: $5.35
Our Price: 4.28
You save $1.07!
Mustache Madness Beverage Napkins (16/pkg) Mustache Madness Beverage Napkins (16/pkg)
Retail Price: $3.75
Our Price: 3.00
You save $0.75!
Mustache Madness Lunch Napkins (16/pkg) Mustache Madness Lunch Napkins (16/pkg)
Retail Price: $4.60
Our Price: 3.68
You save $0.92!
Mustache Madness Tablecover Mustache Madness Tablecover
Retail Price: $8.58
Our Price: 7.15
You save $1.43!
Mustache Madness Invitations (8/pkg) Mustache Madness Invitations (8/pkg)
Retail Price: $6.02
Our Price: 5.10
You save $0.92!
Mustache Madness Wrapper and Picks (12/pkg) Mustache Madness Wrapper and Picks (12/pkg)
Retail Price: $4.50
Our Price: 3.75
You save $0.75!
Mustache Madness Straws (6/pkg) Mustache Madness Straws (6/pkg)
Retail Price: $1.74
Our Price: 1.45
You save $0.29!
Colorful Hairy Mustache Colorful Hairy Mustache (Select Color)
Retail Price: $1.29
As Low As: 1.03
You save $0.26!
Beads with Mustache Medallion Beads with Mustache Medallion
Retail Price: $1.79
Our Price: 1.43
You save $0.36!
Printed Villain Moustache Printed Villain Moustache (4/pkg)
Retail Price: $1.59
Our Price: 1.27
You save $0.32!

Moustache Tablecover Moustache Tablecover
Retail Price: $6.25
Our Price: 5.00
You save $1.25!
Moustache Wall Clings Moustache Wall Clings Peel 'n Place
Retail Price: $4.50
Our Price: 3.60
You save $0.90!

Mustache Party Supplies & DecorationsWatch out! Fabulous facial hair is sweeping the nation! Mustaches are the hottest new trend, and now you can throw your very own mustache party! So send out your Mustache Invitations, put out our Mustache Plates and Cups, and get your mustache party underway! Mustaches are no longer limited to men; now everyone can enjoy a mustache! Get one of our Colorful Hairy Mustaches and admire your vibrant new facial hair. Pick up some of our Mustache Madness Straws so you can look like an evil villain every time you pick up your drink! Your guests will love our mustache party favors; send them home with Mustache Medallion Necklaces and Mustache Buttermint Crèmes. Decorate with our mustache decorations, like our mustache balloons and mustache party picks, and enjoy a very hairy night with all your closest friends! Struggling to think of some great mustache party ideas? Browse our website and in minutes your mind (and upper lip) will be filled with great ideas! We have a wide variety of mustache decorations in a plethora of sizes and styles! So next time you’re in need of some fun mustache party supplies for your next original party, make sure you party with us right here at!

Mustache Party Ideas

Become a part of the world's newest fad! Mustaches of all shapes, sizes, and colors are trending! Put a twist on fancy facial hair and throw a mustache party for all of your friends! Throw a 'Stache Surprise Party! Have a Hair-Raising Holiday! Invite your friends and family to let their imaginations run wild for a night. Create a costume featuring your favorite mustache from television shows, movies, or comic books! Then beautify your home with some of our mustache party supplies for a finishing touch! Emulate the faces of your favorite evil villains. Using these Printed Villain Mustaches, becoming an evil villain has never been so easy! Gently remove the tape, and carefully press the mustache into place. Use them as a quick Halloween costume, or just dress up for one night! Decorate your home with our Mustache Wall Clings, just stick them on your windows or walls, and peel them back off for easy mess-free decoration. Inflate some Mustache Madness Mylar Balloons to decorate the ceiling. Lastly, finish up with our mustache tableware. Keep your 'stache clean with these Mustache Madness Napkins, and sip from these Mustache Madness Hot/Cold Cups. All of these products are also great mustache party favors! We have a seemingly endless supply of mustache party decorations! Have a super mustachio bashio as soon as possible for all your friends and family to enjoy! Bulk discounts are also available on our mustache party decorations to meet every party budget! So regardless of what wacky and crazy mustache party ideas you may have, party with us right here at!