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Carnival Circus Party Supplies & Decorations

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The Red Curtain Backdrop measures 4 feet tall and 30 feet wide. Printed on a thin sheet of flexible plastic, the rich, red colors of the elegant looking curtain will provide a dramatic background for photos. Perfect for award night events! One per package Red Curtain Backdrop
Our Price: $16.65
Treasure Loot Treasure Loot
Our Price: $7.19

Jointed Circus Clown Jointed Circus Clown
Our Price: $4.10

Birthday Party Canopy Birthday Party Canopy
Our Price: $17.09

Plastic Sun Helmet Plastic Sun Helmet
Our Price: $1.58

Circus Cutouts Circus Cutouts (4/pkg)
Our Price: $4.76

Clown Centerpiece Clown Centerpiece
Our Price: $4.31

Rainbow Tablecover Rainbow Tablecover
Our Price: $5.85

Circus Sign Banner Circus Sign Banner
Our Price: $5.36

Red & White Fabric Bunting Red & White Fabric Bunting
Our Price: $16.19

The Wooden Disk Drop Game is perfect for your next carnival or circus themed party or event. This classic game is played by dropping a disk down the pegged front of the game board. Disk will fall into one of seven numbered spots. Simple Assembly. Wooden Disk Drop Game
Our Price: $22.49
The Milk Bottle Toss Game will add a touch of nostalgia to your next circus or carnival themed party. Stack the wooden bottles and have players toss the balls and attempt to knock down the bottles. Game includes 3 wooden bottles and 3 balls. Milk Bottle Toss Game
Our Price: $17.99
The Rainbow Flag is made of polyester material and measures 3 feet by 5 feet. Has two grommets for easy hanging. Contains 1 per package. This flag adds an abundance of color to your carnival, circus, or any event you are celebrating! Rainbow Flag
Our Price: $5.85
The Magic Invisible Cards will impress and amaze your friends as they watch the cards turn blank! This one deck of magic cards comes with instructions to perform 20 different tricks! The perfect accessory for the beginner magician! Magic Invisible Cards
Our Price: $6.27
The Color Crazy Hanky will magically change color right before your eyes! You'll be the only one that knows the secret behind the  magic! Each package comes with a full set of instructions. Impress and amaze your friends! Ages 14 and up. Color Crazy Hanky
Our Price: $6.27
The Great Chain Escape is a fun little magic trick that will have your friends wondering how you did that! The set of chains and padlock come with full instructions for escape. See how long it takes to break free from this seemingly secure restraint! Great Chain Escape
Our Price: $6.27
Magic Rings will impress your friends and party guests, as you appear to magically connect and separate them. Full instructions for their use is included in each package. Package includes four metal rings, each approximately 4 inches in diameter. Magic Rings
Our Price: $6.27
Tricky Ropes will amaze your friends as they watch the ropes change length right before their eyes! Each package includes 3 pieces of white rope and full set of instructions. For ages 14 and older. Tricky Ropes
Our Price: $6.27
The Juggling Balls will provide entertainment for your next carnival or circus theme party. Each package comes with instructional diagrams, making them perfect for beginners. Three assorted color, weighted balls per package. Juggling Balls
Our Price: $8.09
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