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Peace Sign Decorations

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60's Cutouts 60's Cutouts
Retail Price: $8.99
Our Price: $8.09
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Peace Beads (6/pkg) Peace Beads (6/pkg)
Retail Price: $4.85
Our Price: $4.37
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Multi-Color Peace Sign Garland Multi-Color Peace Sign Garland
Retail Price: $7.99
Our Price: $7.19
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Peace Sign Suspenders Peace Sign Suspenders
Retail Price: $10.99
Our Price: $9.89
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Peace Sign Photo/Balloon Holder Peace Sign Photo/Balloon Holder
List Price Per Holder: $4.99
Our Price per Holder: $4.49
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Peace Sign Wall Cling Peace Sign Peel 'N Place
Retail Price: $3.55
Our Price: $3.20
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The peace sign we currently recognize initially gained popularity as a symbol advocating end the possibility of nuclear war. The 1960ís saw many individuals protesting war and violence of any kind so the peace sign became a frequently used symbol. Itís now greatly associated with the hippies of the 1960ís. PartyCheapís Peace Sign Decorations and Party Supplies uses this symbol to recognize the past era in our 1960ís Hippie-themed party supplies with both wearable items like the Peace Sign Beads with Medallions as well as decorative items for party venues.

The peace sign is iconic to the 1960ís and no hippie-themed party should be without it! However, the peace sign popularized in the 1960ís is not the only recognized symbol of peace. Another widely known symbol is the white dove. PartyCheap also carries items bearing that image. Typically, the white dove items are found in the weddings section and include such things as the Tissue Doves. These two symbols could be combined to decorate for events, charities, or fundraisers promoting peace. The peace sign and the white dove would be very appropriate to symbolize the beliefs and purposes of the event. Whether celebrating and remembering the 1960ís or planning an event to help bring about peace, PartyCheap can provide the visual aids to draw the eyes and attention of your guests!

PartyCheap has a multitude of peace sign decorations and party supplies! We have everything you need to decorate your 1960ís themed party in hippie style. All of the peace sign decorations youíll find here feature the bright psychedelic colors of the era. We have a variety of items to help completely decorate your party in one of the most popular symbols of the 1960ís. Our Peace Sign Lunch Plates and Peace Sign Centerpieces ensure that your table settings will be bright and happy! The Peace Sign Cutouts are perfect for decorating doors and walls. PartyCheap also has both Tie-Dyed and Multicolor Peace Sign Garlands that can also decorate your walls with color. No aspect of your 1960ís themed party needs to be without peace! Or peace signs, at least! PartyCheapís Peace Sign Decorations and Party Supplies will have what you need!