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Your guests will love the fun style these 3-D Cactus Centerpieces add to your party decor.  Printed both sides on high quality cardstock, after simple assembly, you'll want to keep these on display even after the party ends! 3-D Cactus Centerpieces

3-D Cactus Centerpieces

Retail Price: $5.65
Our Price: $5.09
You save $0.56!
Hang this 40" tall Jointed Llama cutout on your wall at your next Llama, Around the World or South of the Border themed party and your guests will want to pet it!  this fully assemble jointed llama makes a great door prize or child's room decoration. Jointed Llama

Jointed Llama

Retail Price: $6.29
Our Price: $5.66
You save $0.63!
The Plastic Cactus is made of a lightweight plastic and measures 24 inches tall and 13 1/2 wide. It's a dull olive green color and printed with white needles. Contains one (1) per package. Plastic Cactus

Plastic Cactus

Retail Price: $6.59
Our Price: $5.93
You save $0.66!
Throwing a Cinco de Mayo, Around the World, or South of the border party? Our Cactus Whirls add the color, motion and interest you've been looking for! Cactus Whirls

Cactus Whirls

Retail Price: $6.89
Our Price: $6.20
You save $0.69!
Add a lot of Llama fun to your Llama themed party with the Llama Whirls.  Each package contains 12 pieces, six 17.5" long whirls and six 32" long whirls with Llama danglers.  Danglers are approximately 6" long.  Easy to hang! Llama Whirls

Llama Whirls

Retail Price: $6.89
Our Price: $6.20
You save $0.69!
What could possibly make a llama themed party even more fun?  Our Llama Cutouts of course! Llama Cutouts

Llama Cutouts

Retail Price: $7.35
Our Price: $6.62
You save $0.73!
Put a llama on your table without making a mess with this adorable Llama Centerpiece!  Completely assembled, printed on high quality cardstock and opens full round. Llama Centerpiece

Llama Centerpiece

Retail Price: $7.35
Our Price: $6.62
You save $0.73!
Our Llama & Cactus Streamer Set will add the perfect touch, and it's a two-in-one bargain!  Streamer set includes six cactus and six llama plus 12 tassels. Use just the cactus and streamers, llamas and streamers, or mix and match. Llama & Cactus Streamer Set

Llama & Cactus Streamer Set

Retail Price: $7.65
Our Price: $6.89
You save $0.76!
Your guests young and old will have a smile on their faces as they play this Inflatable Cactus Ring Toss game. Inflatable Cactus Ring Toss

Inflatable Cactus Ring Toss

Retail Price: $12.49
Our Price: $11.24
You save $1.25!

Llama & Cactus

Llama and Cactus, one of hot new decorating trends that are sure to last. This easy, relaxed and fun theme is incredibly versatile and easy to use. From Around the World to Baby Shower and everything in between, a Llama & Cactus theme is a sure hit.