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Stoner and 420 Party Decorations and Novelties

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Weed Cutouts Weed Cutouts
Retail Price: $6.99
Our Price: $6.29
You save $0.70!
Celebrate 420 with weed ice cubes. Just pour water into the open plant-shaped holes, put it in the freezer, and a few hours later you will have cannabis shaped ice cubes. Weed Ice Mold
Retail Price: $4.99
Our Price: $4.49
You save $0.50!
Weed Tablecover Weed Tablecover
Retail Price: $8.50
Our Price: $7.65
You save $0.85!
Weed Beads Weed Beads
Retail Price: $2.25
Our Price: $2.03
You save $0.22!
Light-Up Doobie Light-Up Doobie
Retail Price: $5.50
Our Price: $4.95
You save $0.55!
Show off your love for the green by wearing these Weed Beads at your 420 party. These green plastic beads show that you really are ready for the 4/20 festivities. The beaded necklace measures 40 inches long and comes one per package. Weed Beads
Retail Price: $2.25
Our Price: $2.03
You save $0.22!
Are you celebrating 4/20? Sprinkle some of this Fanci-Fetti Weed around to set the mood for the party! It's a metallic green color and the package comes with one ounce of confetti. This ounce won't get you into any trouble. Fanci-Fetti Weed
Retail Price: $3.50
Our Price: $3.15
You save $0.35!
Enjoying some "special" brownies for a 4/20 party? Sticking one of these Weed Picks in them is a great way to get excited about a 420 party. These picks measure 2.5 inches and have a piece of paper with a cannabis leaf on it. Comes 50 picks per package. Weed Picks
Retail Price: $3.55
Our Price: $3.20
You save $0.35!
The Weed Cookie Cutters are made of stainless steel and measure 2 3/4 inches by 2 1/2 inches. Contains three (3) per package. Dishwasher Safe. Due to hygiene-related concerns, this item is not eligible for return. Weed Cookie Cutters
Retail Price: $7.99
Our Price: $7.19
You save $0.80!
Celebrate and party in style with this Weed Bead Curtain.  Great for themed parties like Hippies, 60's or 70's, or to celebrate a change in the law you supported . . . or just for fun!  Each curtain is easy to hang, is 24 inches wide and 6.5 feet long. Weed Bead Curtain
Retail Price: $28.99
Our Price: $26.09
You save $2.90!

Want to throw the perfect stoner party?

Well you are in luck!
We have a wide variety of products that go perfect for a stoner themed party. Whether you call it marijuana, weed, pot, or anything else, we have it covered.

5 Easy Stoner Party Games

Looking for some fun, culture correct party games for your stoner friends? Here are some easy ideas and trests of skill!
  • Blindfolded Joint Rolling
    • neatest
    • fastest
    • biggest
    • thinnest
  • Who Can Roll the Fastest
    • neatest
    • biggest
    • thinnest
  • Best DIY Pipe- everyone should test them to determine the winner!
  • Weed by Country - most correct answers wins
  • Smells Like (blindfolded sniff test)

How did 4/20 become national Weed Day?

One popular story starts in the early '70's at northern California's San Rafael High School, where students would share their love of weed by lighting up after class at 4:20PM.
Eventually, the catchphrase 4/20 is believed to have moved beyond northern California as it became popular with Grateful Dead fans who helped move it across the country.

Other theories on 4/20 include it's use by police as a radio code when they suspected cannabis use or distribution, or that it refers to the 420 chemical compounds present in marijuana.