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Jointed Monkey Jointed Monkey
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Metallic Palm Tree Metallic Palm Tree
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Jointed Palm Tree Jointed Palm Tree
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Jungle Party Supplies & Decorations

Welcome to the jungle!

Create a fun and enjoyable jungle atmosphere at your next birthday party, farewell party, or vacation bible school into a Jungle. You can even turn your room into a jungle, too, with the Jungle Insta-Theme. We have everything you need to turn your Jungle Party into a smashing hit!

Jungle Party Decorations A jungle theme party is not only going to rock, but its going to allow you, the party planner, a lot of flexibility when decorating for this type of theme party. With our decorations here at, you can transform your living room or backyard into an authentic looking jungle in the matter of minutes. Its that easy!

Begin the transformation of your everyday space into the mysterious jungle with the Jungle Trees Backdrop.
This backdrop features the jungle scenery youd expect to see if you were standing in the middle of a real jungle.

The backdrop is four feet tall by a whopping 30 feet wide! The full color design is printed on thin plastic material andcan be cut to suit your needs. Use enough backdrops to completely surround your guests with a jungle environment. For variety to your surroundings, pair it with the Jungle Foliage Backdrop.

Every jungle has animals, our animal cut-outs add the extra touch to bring your jungle to life. Our Jungle and Palm tree tableware and accessories will complete your vision and give your guests something wild to remember.

Jungle Facts

  • Over half of the worlds plant and animals species live in some type of jungle environment
  • Jungles are similar to rainforests, but they have less trees and more sunlight
  • Jungles are in warm places with lots of rainfall
  • Usually found near the equator
  • Some animals that live in jungles are tigers, jaguars, elephants, and monkeys