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Canadian Decorations and Party Supplies

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Red Tablecover Roll Red Tablecover Roll
Retail Price: $33.00
Our Price: $29.70
You save $3.30!
Royal Guard Cutout Royal Guard Cutout
Retail Price: $4.50
Our Price: $4.05
You save $0.45!
Stock up on our Canadian decor for a Canadian themed party! Show your pride in Canada during the Olympics or anytime during the year. Whether you are choosing to celebrate a Canadian friend or a Canadian holiday in your classroom, home, or a party venue, we have a variety of decorations from which you can choose!

Use the Canadian flag cutout as a door decoration or place it in your window since it is printed in color on both sides. You can pass out our Canada Day Trooper hat or Canadian Flag beads to your guests or students.Decorate your space in the Canadian flag colors of red and white! We have all the Canadian decorations you will need to make your Canada party or event a success! Visit PartyCheap again for all of your international party theme needs!

Canadian Party Decoration Ideas

Canadian Party Supplies
PartyCheap carries a great selection of Canadian theme party supplies for a Canada Day party. We offer a Canadian Flag Cutout to decorate walls, doors, and windows for any Canadian holiday or event. We also have a Rayon Canadian Flag measuring 4 in x 6 in to give as party favors or for guests to wave at events. The small rayon flags could also be used at place markers or used to guide guests to the party location. Another great item that could be used at as a party favor or for the host to wear along with their red and white clothes would be the Canadian Flag Beads! Wear your Canada Day Topper Hat to complete your festive look. PartyCheap also offers many other items in Canada's red and white colors. You may find these other items in our Tableware section for decorating refreshment tables or place settings, as many of PartyCheap's solid color items are offered in multiple hues. Another place to look for red and white party decorations would be in the Valentine's Day section. PartyCheap carries the Red and White Fabric Bunting that can be strung up against the wall for added color! PartyCheap provides Tissue Garlands in a wealth of color options including the necessary red and white. We also offer a Red and White Striped Tablecover in the Valentine's Day section which would be a great addition to complement any solid color tablecovers you may chose to use. Another possible party favor option would be to give your guests our Red Buttermint Creams in a White Treat Box. Red Treat Boxes are also offered as an option in our Solid Color Treat Boxes. These white boxes may be personalized to each guest or decorated with Canadian stickers. You could also draw or stencil maple leaves on the boxes to reflect the design of the Canadian flag or leave the boxes their solid colors and use some of each. In addition to its own decorations, the Canadian flag is also featured in many of our international items such as the Jointed International Flag Pull-Down Cutout. If you're hosting an international event or party and need to highlight Canada in particular, you could use the Canadian Flag Cutout in addition to the international items. Please visit PartyCheap for all your Canadian Party Decorations and any other international party theme needs!