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Landscaping Tips for Your Easter Egg Hunt

By: Karen Squire

Landscaping tips for your easter egg hunt article image, a young girls peaks through lilly leaves at three eggs hidden behind them.
Nothing says Spring has arrived better than Easter. Itís the first holiday of the year where many of us can get outside and enjoy ourselves. If you have the pleasure of hosting your familyís Easter festivities this year, an Easter egg hunt is a must for the little ones. The kids will be too busy searching for colored eggs to pay attention to your yard, but the adults will definitely notice any shortcomings. Here are some handy tips on how to get your backyard Easter egg hunt ready.

Spread Mulch

Last years mulch might look a little drab and faded. Nothing spruces up your landscape better than some new mulch around your trees and flower beds. Adding mulch to these areas helps fight certain lawn and garden diseases and also helps the soil retain moisture.


Raking the lawn to get ready for an easter egg hunt.If youíre going to have children running around your yard in search of Easter eggs, itís essential to do a little maintenance. Rake up any leaves or sticks that may have accumulated over the winter. Make sure you get under bushes, near fences, under furniture, and around your deck. Clumps of leaves make great homes for mice, voles, and other small pests that you donít want jumping out at the kids. Raking will also make your grass look fresh and perky, not to mention itís also good for the health of your lawn.

Pest Control

The eggs aren't the only things that will be hiding in your yard. Ticks, chiggers, beetles, mosquitoes and (in southern areas) fire ants can ruin a backyard party. As soon as the last frost has passed, plant some pest repelling flowers and herbs. Chrysanthemums will deter ants, ticks, and cockroaches. Lavender and mint will scare away mosquitoes. Make sure you have plenty of thyme on your hands to drive away the houseflies. Fire ants are a little trickier. While it's impossible to get rid of them completely, you can control them in areas where kids will be crawling around. Use an organic bait at least a week before your party.

Plant Flowers

What is Easter without the bright colors of spring flowers? There are several varieties available in time for the holiday.

Easter lilies:

A grouping of easter lillies planted in the yard. These white, trumpet-shaped flowers are a staple for any Easter gathering, both inside and outside your home. Source


Chrysanthemums along the sidewalk in full bloom.Or Mums will not only repel bugs, but they'll also add beautiful color to your yard up until fall.


A grouping of lowering tulips planted in the landscape.An image of yellow tulips is often the first thing we think of when we hear the word "Easter." These bold flowers are a must-have for any Easter decor.


Bright yellow daffodils flowering in a decorative garden setting.Another yellow festive flower that reminds people of spring, sunshine, warmth, and new life. Bring some cheerfulness to your backyard with some flourishing daffodils.

Trim Hedges and Prune Trees

You donít want kids hitting their heads or getting scratched up from low hanging or dead branches on your trees and shrubs. Take the time to do a quick pruning of your plants to ensure the safety of the kids and to make your yard doesn't look like an overgrown lot. Be sure to use a rake or a leaf blower to clean up all your trimmings.

Time to Plan Your Party

Now that youíve impressed the adults, itís time to add some visuals for the kiddos. How about an inflatable bunny pointing them towards the fun? Decorate their table with colorful Easter egg cutout. By placing mini table decorations or little bunny ears at the dinner table, you may have an easier time getting them away from the candy, at least long enough to enjoy their Easter brunch or dinner.

Karen Squire is a freelance journalist and photographer who enjoys traveling. When sheís not taking pictures of her kids, youíll find her photographing wildlife and national monuments.

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