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Tips for Staying in The Green This St. Patrick’s Day

A beutiful green 4 leaf clover - image from winter have you itching to get outdoors to see some green? St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect time to get everyone in the mood for the upcoming spring growing season. Celebrating with friends or family doesn’t have to cost much if you spruce things up with just a few decorations. Check out these tips for staying in the green this St. Patrick’s Day.

Window Clings

There’s a good reason you always see window clings during the holidays: they’re fun, festive, and easy to decorate with. We love these Irish-Mood Shamrock Window Clings that are bright and colorful. Peel them off and decorate your windows, mirrors, or any smooth surface for a bit of luck o’ the Irish.

Grow an Herb Garden

We all like celebrating March 17th with a pint of Guinness and a taste of Irish Stew or corned beef. Why not make your home cooked Irish food even more flavorful with some fresh herbs? Growing an herb garden in the kitchen is the perfect way to add green to the room while providing fresh ingredients for your St. Patrick’s Day dinner. Tear off a few leaves of parsley and sprinkle it over your Irish Stew for the perfect touch of color and taste.

Dress It Up

Get your entire office or family in on the fun with a festive leprechaun hat. Everyone will tip their hat to you if they have at least one green thing to wear. For an added touch, consider serving some munchies inside these hats when you place them upside down on the table.

Add Some Planted Shamrocks

Don't overlook that four-leaf clover! Nothing says "St. Paddy's day better than an Irish shamrock. You'll need a few to decorate your table. Get the kids involved and plant your shamrock seeds in early March. We suggest using these small pot-of-gold containers to help pull together the entire look. Consider sprinkling some yellow sand on top of the soil once the shamrocks have sprouted to look like a pot of treasure. Looking for a fun party favor? Send each guest home with their own pot of shamrocks as a unique gift.

Drink Up

You don't have to serve spirits to get into the spirit of St. Patrick's Day. Serve up some non-alcoholic punch in these party mugs. (Don't worry, they'll also hold beer and Irish whiskey.) Dye some lemonade green. The kids will enjoy sipping their drink from these clear mugs.

Throwing a St. Patrick’s Day party doesn’t have to cost you a lot of green. Place a few window clings around the room and have green hats ready. Give everyone their choice of beverage in a clear party mug as well. Grow your own shamrocks for your table decorations and snip fresh herbs to add to your party food. Your friends and family will be tickled pink!

Peter Goldberg is a gardening and landscaping writer, and outdoor extraordinaire. He likes to fire up the grill to cook for family and friends, as well as using his organically grown garden produce to create mouth-watering meals.