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Winter Wonderland Prom Theme Ideas

Is your school hosting a Winter Wonderland Prom or Winter Formal? Why not try our Winter Wonderland Prom decorations! Using PartyCheapís inexpensive winter Prom theme, you can have the elegance of a formal dance without the price! There are a lot neat ideas you can implement at the Prom, but getting as much snowy stuff as you can is a must! Because of this, letís take a look at some products that youíre going to want at the event.

The first thing you will want to get is the Snowscape Backdrop. With the theme of this Prom being winter wonderland, you will of course want to set the scene. Deck the halls of your Prom area to transport all attending to the snowy wonderland they came to see (without the cold!). Looking for another way to use this backdrop? Hang it on the wall and let it serve as the backdrop for a photo station. Let the attendees stand in front of the backdrop with his/her date or friends for an elegant, snowy picture.

When it comes to decorating for the Prom, backdrops just wonít cut it; you are going to want to add a bunch of PartyCheapís 3-D Snowflake Mobiles and hang them from the ceiling! This glistening snowflake has shiny 3-D Snowflake Mobilesnowflakes dangling down from it, giving it the look as if it was actually snowing inside! If you really want to embrace the winter wonderland Prom theme, Then why not go all out? Itís three-dimensional, so regardless of what vantage point you are examining the product, you will get a crisp, clean, eye-pleasing view of all the snowflakes. Plus, since the Prom is usually closer to the summer time, you will give those in attendance the fun of the winter.

Keeping with the snowflake idea, get yourself some Crystal Snowflake Window Clings. Cover the windows with these clings and be amazed with how easy it was to make the windows look incredible. However, donít limit yourself to putting the clings on windows. Even though they are best suited for glass windows (so they can be seen from both inside and out), they can be applied on any smooth surface. This means that you can put some of these on walls, if you so desire. Do you want more than just snowflake clings? Check out all of the other window cling sets PartyCheap has to offer.

At this winter wonderland Prom, you are going to need cups and plenty of them. Dancing will make anyone work up quite a thirst, so make sure you have plenty of Snowflake Beverage Cups to serve the soda, juice, and water. In this package, you will receive eight snowflake-decorated cups that are capable of holding nine ounces of your drink of choice. Along with the cups, youíll likely want napkins available for people to use.Snowflake Beverage Cups PartyCheapís snowflake napkins would be a great addition because not only is it high quality, but it embraces the overall theme for the Prom. Now isnít that a perfect winter wonderland idea?

Last but not least, purchase the Fanci-Fetti Snowflakes. This product has so much versatility that itís tough to decide where to begin! For starters, you could sprinkle confetti all over the tables and the floor, jazzing it up a bit. Another neat idea would be to place confetti in buckets above the stage and release the confetti down after the king and queen have been announced. You could also take it a step farther and have confetti rain down at various points throughout the night. This will take some creativity, because you will need to construct some sort of mechanism that can safely rain down the confetti without buckets dropping or having even worse, having people hang from the ceiling all night dropping confetti.

If you want more ideas on how to throw an awesome winter wonderland Prom, click here. That link provides some ideas for table decorations, as well as backdrops and other decorative accents. This Prom theme is a unique one and at times can be overwhelming to pull off, but the final product, if done right, is nothing short of spectacular. PartyCheap has a lot of great products that can make your Prom one that will go down as one of the greatest Proms at your school. So, without further ado, explore the vast options of winter decorations available right here at PartyCheap.