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Ideas on How to Create a Winter Party

Igloo Centerpiece with Penguins

Create the outdoor look of a winter wonderland scene without the cold and blustery air. As you will take notice from our website we have plenty of winter party decorations for you to choose from. We have cute winter decorations, like the Igloo Centerpiece with Penguins. Or we have fancier winter decorations, like the Sparkle Snowflakes. You can decorate a classroom, an office, a hospital or nursing home, and church with all of our winter snowflake decorations.

Decorating Your Walls for a Winter Wonderland

Outdoor Christmas Scene Setter

First, start by decorating your walls with the Winter Sky Backdrop. Place this backdrop on the top, and then place the Snowscape Backdrop under the Winter Sky Backdrop. These backdrops will create the background for your winter wonderland. The backdrops each measures four feet high by thirty feet long. They are made of a thin plastic material, and you can hang them on your wall with double sided tape or thumb tacks. Try taking a look at the Winter Insta-View, and the Snowy Christmas Insta-View. These are two classic winter scenes that would look great on your wall. They aren’t as big as the backdrops. And you can let the window insta-views as one big window, or you can cut them down the middle and create two windows. You could also hang up the Fireplace Insta-View; this is made of a thin plastic material with a fire scene printed on it.

Add these cute characters to your backdrops the Snowman Peel N Place, the Snowgirl Peel N Place, the Holiday Village and Sleigh Ride Props, the Lampposts, Carolers, and Winter Fun Props, the Santa's Sleigh and Workshop Props, and the Holiday Fence Border.

Winter Snowflake Hanging Decorations

Snowflake DecorationsWe have a variety of winter hanging decorations too! You’ll want to begin decorating by hanging up the Sparkle Snowflakes. The Sparkle Snowflakes are come in a variety of sizes, ranging from six inches to fifteen inches. You could also use the Die-Cut Snowflakes. You can hang these from the ceiling or place them on the wall. We also have a 3-D Snowflake Mobile, the Dip-Dyed Snowflakes, the Opalescent Metallic Winter Snowflake, the Silver Metallic Winter Snowflake, the Snowflake Fan-Burst, the Prismatic Snowflake Cutouts, the Jumbo Snowflake Whirl, the Tissue Snowflakes, Snowflake Jumbo Display Fan-4 feet, Snowflake String Decoration, Snowflake Cascade, Snowflake Whirls, Snowflake Shimmering Spiral, Let It Snow Foil Ceiling Decoration, and the Printed Snowflake Twirly Whirlys.

Winter Door Decorations

Decorate your entryway with the Snowflake 1-Ply Gleam N Curtain. It is a silver fringe curtain with printed blue and white snowflakes. It measures eight feet long by three feet wide. The material used to make the Snowflake 1-Ply Gleam N Curtain is a silver metallic material, so when you hang it up in your door way it will glisten against the light. Or use the Snowman Character Curtain to decorate your entryway too. The top part if the curtain is made of cardstock material and it has a picture of a snowman looking out over the curtain with a big smile on his face. The Snowman Character Curtain is printed on two sides. There are pieces of thin white plastic strips that hang down from the top of the cardstock snowman. The Winter Door Cover is another cute decoration to use on your door. Or you could hang it on your wall too. It is made of a thin plastic material with a snowman printed on it, with the words “LET IT SNOW!”

Snowflake Table Decorations

Cover your tables with the Blue Rectangular Tablecover or Silver Rectangular Tablecover then place the Clear Snowflake Tablecover on top. Accent the center of your tables with the Snowman Fabric Table Runner. Or you could use the Snowflake Metallic Burst Centerpiece, the Igloo Centerpiece with Penguins, the Snowflake Pop-Over Centerpiece, or the Snowman Centerpiece in the center of your tables. Sprinkle a few of the Opalescent Fanci-Fetti Snowflakes on your tables for that little winter sparkle. We also have Plastic Snowflake Mugs. You can use the Snowflake Mugs at your guest’s place setting. You can then place candies in the mugs giving them away as a party favor. We also have the Snowflake Pail, Snowflake Treat Boxes, and Snowflake Buttermint Creams. You will need something to eat on at your winter extravaganza, so you must take a look at the Snowflakes Beverage Napkins, the Snowflakes Luncheon Napkins, the Snowflakes Dessert Plates, the Snowflakes Luncheon Plates, and the Snowflakes Hot/Cold Cups.

Accessorize Yourself with Snowflakes

Snow Boppers

Imagine being able to wear snowflakes at your winter party. You must take a look at the Snowflake Beads. You’ll receive two Snowflake Beads per package. They are made of a molded plastic material. The Snowflake Beads have a silver snowman, and snowflake beads around the necklace. For your head we have Snowflake Boppers. This is a white plastic headband with blue marabou, and white snowflakes attached to silver springs. Or we have the Snow Boppers; these too are a felt covered plastic headband with the letters of “SN” on one side of the headband and “OW” on the other side, basically spelling out the word “snow”. These letters are attached to the head band with silver springs and blue marabou surrounds the outside of the springs.

Winter Snowflake Garland

A winter party or event would not be complete without a little winter garland. You can wrap winter garland around tables, chairs, posts, and columns. You may want to take a look at the Snowflake Party Tape. This is made of a thin plastic material. It is made of an all-weather poly material and it has a light blue background with white snowflakes. That’s not all! You can also use the Metallic Winter Snowflake Garland, the Gleam N Flex Snowflake Garland, and the Metallic Snowflake Garland/Column.

Decorate Your Windows for a Winter Wonderland

Accent your windows for your winter wonderland party by outlining them with the White Gleam N Fest Festooning Garland. Then use the Snowmen and Snowflakes Window Clings, the Crystal Snowflake Window Clings, or the Snowman Window Clings on your windows.

Completing that Winter Wonderland Scene

Like we’ve mentioned before you can do a cute Winter Wonderland Scene or you can create a more magical winter wonderland. It is up to you! Just allow us to provide you the decorations. We hope we’ve given you some wonderful winter theme party ideas!