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What is No Shave November?

What is No Shave November? It is the time among young men whereby there is an unwritten (but constantly spoken) rule that they shall not prune their facial hair for the entire month of November. This tradition is steeped in testosterone and blighted with the constant threat that the women in the lives of the participants may begin to participate as well. No Shave November’s purpose is intended to promote prostate cancer awareness. Movember is a slightly older variation of No Shave November that encourages the growth of a moustache for the month of November.

Some men can wear this look well, cultivating a healthy, even growth of beard. Some cannot, managing only scraggly, patchy growth. For many, it is an opportunity to experiment with different looks, pruning the facial topiary into such classic constructs such as the handlebar moustache or the chevron, made popular Magnum - Tom Selleck. For those among you gentlemen who find yourselves unable to grow a respectable amount Brown Beard Costume Accessoryof facial hair, PartyCheap may be able to help you. Wear this Brown Beard Costume Accessory to cover your shame. Or you can wear one of the Printed Villain Moustaches to give your facial hair something for which to aspire. Find the moustache that suits you.

The tradition of No Shave November has led to the creation of parties in honor of the occasion. PartyCheap has what you need to bring your No Shave and November party ideas to life. We have plenty of moustache party decorations for the occasion. Check out such items as our Moustache Latex Balloons. This balloon features different types of moustaches so grab a balloon and get some inspiration for your ‘stache! There are also several items to decorate your tables for the moustache party, including the Moustache Madness Centerpiece and Moustache Madness Tablecover. Supply your moustache-less friends with their own using our Beads with Moustache Medallion. Mustache Madness Centerpiece

You can also create some DIY moustache and beard decorations for your party. Make photo props out of craft foam, felt, or heavy paper and a chopstick or small dowel to use for a homemade photo booth. You can make many types and styles of beard and moustache out of these items. A photo booth or backdrop would be a fun activity for guests while also learning about prostate cancer. You could also host a contest for best moustache or beard. Hand out prizes for categories such as “Best Handlebar Moustache” or “Longest Soup-Catcher Beard”. Moustache party ideas are also popular for things like baby showers for a little boy, so enjoy the moustache theme the whole year round! The moustache motif is an extremely popular trend right now, so you will have no trouble finding any number of moustache adorned items for your party or for the month of November.

Yin Yang MoustacheCreating your own moustache accessories for your party is also easy as pie ... or maybe cake. Bake a cake in a round pan. When it is done, cut it down the center as if it were a yin and yang symbol. Flip have the cake over and you have a mustache! Ice your cake and it will be the most delicious mustache you've ever had. You can use this process on paper to make your own cutouts, straw toppers, and napkin rings. With an unlimited supply of moustache puns, your signage for the party will have everybody laughing.Thanks for combing!

Many people don’t understand the purpose of No Shave November or Movember and think it is only an excuse for young men to be silly. While enjoying the festivities, please remember to educate friends and family about the risk of prostate cancer. Education about risk factors, diagnosis, and treatment is important in protecting men’s health. Prostate cancer does not typically come with many early warning signs, so regular examinations are vital for early detection. Be sure to tell the men in your life about the signs and symptoms of prostate cancer and encourage regular screenings. Click here for more information.

Remember, gentlemen, put down your razors on the first of November. Either swear off shaving entirely or grow a robust moustache. Encourage education and testing for prostate cancer among your friends, family, and community and have a great time doing it! PartyCheap is here to help you with all you No Shave November ideas and parties!