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Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

There’s no better way to remember the day you said “I do” than to say “I still do” by having a great anniversary party! Remind yourselves and your guests of the day that you pledged yourselves to one another. Whether its your first year or your fiftieth, every year spent together is worth celebrating.

Your wedding anniversary party ideas should be appropriate to the year you’re celebrating. For 25th wedding anniversary party ideas, you should make sure to decorate with silver, as its the silver wedding anniversary. PartyCheap has a great deal of silver decorations, including the Glittered 25th Anniversary Crest. For 50th wedding anniversary party ideas, you should use a lot of gold. Our gold decorations include Glittered 25th Anniversary Crestthe 50th Anniversary Sign Banner. This idea can also be carried out on every anniversary up to and beyond those points. The traditional gift for the first anniversary is paper. As such, PartyCheap’s tissue paper decorations would be perfect for a paper anniversary. Decorate your anniversary party with our Art Tissue Balls in whatever color suits you. Use the color scheme you used at your wedding for your first anniversary party!

For those who have been married longer, you could use the theme of your party to take a trip down memory lane. Many couples have wedding anniversary decorating ideas that use the year they were married. For example, for a couple celebrating their 50th anniversary, a great wedding anniversary party theme would be a 1960’s theme! Use the Hippie theme or a mod theme to decorate for your party! The 60’s Hippie Insta-theme to transport you and your guests back to the day when you said your vows. For those celebrating their 30th anniversary, the 80’s party supplies will be perfect for decorating your wedding anniversary.

Other wedding anniversary party themes could reflect other aspects of the couple’s life together. For example, a luau theme would be great for the anniversary party if the couple took their honeymoon in Hawaii or if it was a favorite vacation spot. A patriotic theme would be wonderfully appropriate for a military family. Browse our Hollywood collection if you wish to have a theme about having spent the last 10, 20, 30 years starring in your own romantic comedy!

Be sure to feature many pictures of the couple, perhaps from anniversaries past. For the 25th anniversary, we have the Silver Glittered 25th

 Red LOVE Photo/Balloon Holder

Photo/Balloon Holder. Both of which make great photo holders for centerpieces or a display of photos! Make sure to include a wedding picture as well as pictures from each anniversary. We also have the Red LOVE Photo/Balloon Holder to suit other anniversary dates that are not necessarily those big “milestone” anniversaries. If you have a particular color scheme you want to use, PartyCheap also offers Assorted Metallic Wrapper Weights in various colors to suit your scheme. Featuring photos like this helps show yourselves and your guests how far you’ve come and how much you’ve changed over the years and yet you and your spouse have stayed in love all that time! As the time you’ve been together increases, your photo display will increase! Keep adding pictures each year you celebrate.

Each anniversary is a cause for celebration! Whatever wedding anniversary party themes you choose, PartyCheap is here to help you decorate to fit your great ideas! Congratulations on another year together!