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Vacation Bible School - VBS Jungle Theme

VBS Jungle Themed Decorations

In our last party blog, we discussed the always-popular Medieval vacation bible school theme. But, there are always new and exciting themes for VBS, and this blog is dedicated to the most popular new theme this year - Jungle. This theme in particular allows children to be a significant part of the scenery and the action - and, it’s just a really fun theme to decorate for!

Here are some decorating ideas for your VBS jungle safari.

The Setting

What’s great about the jungle theme is that the setting can be created very simply. Not too much time or money goes into designing a tropical forest that is both inviting for children and activates their imaginations.

  • Backdrops are always a good idea when you’re trying to decorate a space without a lot of hassle and tons of different decorations. One backdrop is all you need to have an instant theme. Backdrops of jungle trees and bushes are a best bet.

  • If you’re on a safari through the jungle, you’re destined to see palm trees – and lots of them! Palm tree props are simple and easy ways to fill a room. They can basically be placed anywhere and still have a great effect!

  • You also need animals in the jungle. Inflatable tigers, lions, snakes, zebras, elephants, giraffes and monkeys are safe and easy props to decorate throughout your classroom. They can also be a lot of fun for the kids to play with!

  • Another fun addition to your VBS excursion could be photo props. Snap a photo of your vbs students smiling with jungle photo props surrounding them so they can show their parents the fun experiences they had during vacation bible school. Try this cute and creative photo prop is a jeep on safari; plus, these props are not only adorable, they are also very affordable – under $10!

The Costumes and Accessories

Jungle Animal Masks

Who doesn’t want to dress up like a tiger and practice their roaring? One of the best ways to get children involved in VBS is through skits and dress-up . . . even the adults can be part of the fun too!

  • Soft animal ear headbands are great for girls and boys. These could be given out to the kids when they enter VBS as a gift and as a way to include them in the theme.

  • Jungle animal masks could be used for storytelling and activities. Even the adults could get on the masked fun!

  • Safari hats are perfect for VBS leaders. These hats could be used to signify who the people in charge are, just like the kids are on a real safari!

You can find tableware and other jungle themed supplies to complete your VBS experience right here at PartyCheap! Good luck!