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Under the Sea Prom Ideas

When it comes to thinking of a theme for this year’s prom, it’s important not to get overwhelmed. Take your time and think it through, after all, this is an event everyone will remember! Have you ever heard of the underwater city of Atlantis? An under the sea prom theme would be a great idea for this year’s promenade! Make sure you have lots of blue all around the event location to simulate the feeling of being completely submerged. Party Cheap has an extensive selection of under the sea decorations that will turn your prom location into the depths of the coral reef! We know how to party, so let’s dive in and discuss what you can do for this under the sea prom.

First and foremost, you need to find a way to begin giving the location an underwater vibe. The best way to do that will be using PartyCheap’s Undersea Backdrop. The backdrop has a crisp, clean design that features an underwater design with bubbles that will have the attendees thinking they are actually underwater! Some will even think they are in Atlantis! It easily attaches to walls with pins or tape, and each package comes with one Undersea Backdrop. The backdrop is large, measuring four feet high by a whopping 30 feet long! Want to take the underwater theme to a whole new level? Cover the floor with PartyCheap’s Ocean Floor Border to have the attendees walking on sand! The backdrop, or the combination of the two, is a great way to set the underwater vibe for the prom.

Since there will be cake and other food available, make sure the attendees have some durable prom Under the Sea Lunch Platessupplies, preferably under the sea themed plates, to hold his/her food. Well, you’re in luck, because PartyCheap has Under The Sea Lunch Plates that would be perfect for the occasion. Each package contains eight lunch plates with each measuring nine inches and featuring a detailed coral scene. It’s important to apply the theme everywhere you can and these plates will be a great way to tie the food into the theme. Also, try to give the food an underwater feel as well. You can either make everything blue or white in color, or give them under the sea names.

Parents are going to want photos of their son/daughter at the prom, so set up a photo station so they can get their pictures taken! The Undersea Backdrop mentioned earlier would be a great backdrop, but for a more informal photo, use our Mermaid Photo Prop. These photos are sure to provide memorable keepsakes for the attendees, a token of their under the sea prom they will never forget. It is double-sided, one featuring a mermaid for the women and the other side starring King Neptune for the men. Just set the prop on a table, or hold it, have the guest slip his/her face in the slot and snap the picture. It’s as simple as that! It’s a very easy setup for a product that will provide lots of laughs and smiles on prom night.

Are you looking for something you can sprinkle all over the tables at the event? The Crawfish Confetti is exactly what you need! Each package comes with ½ ounce of red confetti shaped like everyone’s favorite shellfish! Don’t limit your use of this confetti just to tables, go ahead and throw this confetti around everywhere! The confetti is made of a plastic metallic material.

Red Crab BeadsWhen the guests walk through the door, greet them with our Red Crab Beads. You know how Hawaiian or luau theme parties feature everyone wearing leis? Well, consider these beads the under the sea theme party equivalent to the lei. This cheap prom theme idea is something to implement at the prom. Each package comes with two bead necklaces, so make sure you order enough so everyone can get his/hers. The crab-shaped beads are made of plastic and have a shiny, metallic finish to them. Make sure everyone has them, because not only will it be cool at the event, but makes for a nice keepsake for the attendees.

If you’re looking for some more prom decoration ideas, click here. This is a really exciting theme for a prom and it allows for a lot of creative flexibility among the event planners. PartyCheap has an extensive selection of under the sea prom supplies, providing you with a bunch of different products to implement at the event. There are many different routes you can go with this prom theme, so let the creative juices flow! Click the green “Shop Now” button below to dive into what we have to offer under the sea. Don’t forget, we know how to party!

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