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Ultimate New Year's Eve Party Guide

New Yearís Eve is one of the biggest celebrations of the year. Itís the day where people celebrate making it through one year and beginning a new one with a clean slate. People celebrate in many different ways around the world, and it can be confusing trying to decide how you wish to ring in the New Year. We are here to help you take the confusion out of New Yearís Eve with PartyCheapís Ultimate Guide to New Yearís Eve! This guide will walk you through everything you need to know for New Yearís Eve, from deciding whether to host a party, just stay in, or go out to party with your friends. Whatever you decide, we have all the great ideas you need to guide you to the ultimate New Yearís Eve.

Go out or Stay in

One of the first things you need to decide when planning your New Yearís Eve celebration is deciding whether or not you want to host a party at your home or if you want to go out to a party. Going out for New Yearís Eve makes your planning pretty simple after you decide where you are going. Be sure you have transportation to and from the venue, especially if everyone is consuming alcohol. Youíll either need someone to volunteer as the designated driver, or check in advance that taxis will be available to take everyone home that evening. If you are going out for New Yearís Eve, be sure to check out our State by State New Yearís Eve Guide for some of the top places in every state! If you are going to host a party or have a small event at your house, you have several things you need to plan out. First and foremost, you will need to decide how many people you want to invite. After determining the number of guests, you will need to purchase an adequate number of supplies to accommodate everyone, including the appropriate amount of food, party favors, etc.

Number of Guests

Determining the size of your party should be one of the first things you decide. It helps you know how much food to prepare, how many decorations and party favors you need to get, and also how big of a space you will need to comfortably accommodate everyone. After you determine the number of people, you can continue the party planning process. Here at Party Cheap we make the decorating aspect of your party even easier. We offer party kits that can supply you and your guests with everything you need. Kits can supply parties of 10, 25, 50, and even 100 or more guests. Decorating with Party Cheap will lower your stress, regardless of how many people you have coming!

Choose Your Theme:

Black and White

A black and white party theme is a classic for New Yearís Eve. Set up your event with sleek and stylish black and white decorations, giving your party an elegant and professional look. Encourage your guests to dress in black and white and have the same colored party favors. Start your planning with our black and white party kits that will be sure to fit any size you need.


Want to have a classy and upscale themed party and make your guests feel like celebrities? Then a Hollywood party theme is probably the one for you! A Hollywood theme can be a great style for parties because it gives your guests the ability to dress up and feel like they are big time celebrities. Our red carpet runner is great to use to decorate right inside of your door, so your guests feel as they are walking down the red carpet. Send your guests out VIP invites for your Hollywood New Yearís Eve event and invite them over for a New Yearís Eve party with all the stars!

Casino Night

Donít take the time to drive to a crowded casino on New Yearís Eve. Instead, bring it home to you and throw a casino party. A casino night can be a fun and creative way to ring in the New Year. Set your home up like a casino and play some cards or other casino-related games as the clock ticks to midnight. Our selection of casino cutouts make for a quick way to transform your event to have that authentic casino feel. Another great idea is to write the New Year on our casino chips and scatter them around as a creative decoration.

NYC Style Party

Go big this New Yearís Eve and throw one of the most unforgettable events you and your friends have ever participated in! Find out everything you need to know about how to plan an NYC style party with Urbanette Magazine. ďItís no secret that New York City parties are famous worldwide. Because there are so many parties going on every day, NYC party planners have to learn to compete with each other to get attendance. They learn to make their parties stand out, to attract the right crowd, and make their events unforgettable.Ē

Movie Night

If you donít want to have a huge party on New Yearís Eve, a great way to enjoy the evening and bring in the New Year is to host a movie night. This is a great idea for families with young children. Gather the family around or invite a couple friends over in the early evening and grab some of your favorite movies. You could take this opportunity to watch an entire movie trilogy or just watch some of your favorite movies with family and/or friends. When the time is right, turn on the TV and get your countdown ready with those closest to you!

Game Night

Want to add a little friendly competition for a night of fun at your New Yearís Eve celebration? If you are hosting a party for a small group of people or staying in with your family, a game night is an awesome idea. Break out the board games or some video games, if you have them, and gather your family and friends. Some great games you can play at New Yearís Eve would be Monopoly, Five Second Rule and HedBanz. Game nights are also great for kids, because they could keep the kids occupied for some time while the parents are doing their own thing. Of course, the adults can join the kids, but if the adults want to do something else for a bit, the games will keep the kids busy for some time.

Don't Forget to Play Some Tunes

Whatís a party without music? To make your party even better, get some music playing in the background. Our advice is to pick music that your guests will most enjoy. If your guests donít like the same musicówhich will likely be the caseóbe sure to include a variety of different genres in your playlist. The Billboard Top 100 chart is a great place to start looking for some of the hottest songs out right now. This will give you a good starting point, but we also recommend including some classic songs that a lot of people at the party will know. After choosing songs you want to include in your playlist, you have several options of how you can get this playlist ready for your party. The first option is downloading all the songs you want to play and then burn them to a CD. Another option you have is by using a smartphone or a smart TV. You could use Spotify to create a playlist and then connect your phone to some speakers with an auxiliary cord, or play it outright through your smart TV. If you are too busy planning other areas of your party, using Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music or IHeart Radio are other options you can use to give your party a good mix of music. Either way, music is bound to make your party better, whether itís quietly playing in the background or turned all the way up.

Decorations and Party Supplies:

Party Kits

If youíre looking for a quick method of getting all of your New Yearís Decorations, our New Yearís Eve party kits are the perfect way for you to get everything you need. With these kits, you get decorations and party favors for everyone at the party. We carry different size party kits that range from handling 10 people all the way up to 100. These kits include a variety of items such as hats, tiaras, glasses, party horns and noise makers. Party Kits are the easiest way to get everything you need for your party all in one package. There are also kits that include a variety of decorations so that you can decorate your home or event for your party! All the decorations will match the same theme and there are many choices to pick from. The decorating and party favors should be the least of your concerns. With purchasing one of these kits, youíll have more time dedicated to planning the rest of your party and less time searching for decorations.

Food and Drinks:

Food Ideas

Now, this should go without saying, but who wants to have a party without food? A New Yearís party is no exception. Whip up some of these fun recipes for your guests on New Yearís Eve to complete your party. Snack on some of your favorites all night long as the countdown ticks to midnight. Some popular food ideas for New Years are sliders and shrimp. Any food or dip that can be kept in a crockpot all night is a fantastic idea, because it will stay nice and hot all night long. Meatballs are a great New Yearís crockpot food item. provides a great list of New Yearís Eve appetizers that provides tons of creative ideas. Another good tip, if you donít want the entire food burden on yourself as the host, cook a few appetizers and then ask your guests to each bring a food item. You could request that your guests bring snacks such as chips, pretzels, dips, etc.


Now that you have an idea of what you are going to do for food at your party, the next step is to decide what types of drinks you will be serving. There are countless drink recipes out there that you could make. The type of drinks you serve may also depend on the number of guests you will have. Making a type of punch is always the simplest way to make a drink, because you can control the quantity needed by just buying larger amounts of ingredients to adjust a recipe to fit the number of people you will be hosting. Delish provides a great guide of New Yearís drink recipes that will be sure to give you some great ideas of what kind of alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks you can use for your event. If you decide to serve an alcoholic punch, itís also a good idea to make a nonalcoholic drink of some kind for the younger attendees of the party and those who choose not to drink. If you need ideas for some booze-free drinks to make for the children at your party, head over to Metro Parent for some awesome ideas.


If you want to have some extra fun and give people something to do at your party, set up some games for people to play. Games are a great way to pass the time while having fun and making some awesome memories that you wonít forget. Classic games for these types of nights are ones involving trivia questions. A fun idea to incorporate into trivia for a New Yearís party is make the game all about the year that is ticking down to an end. Include questions on big events of the year. An example of this would be, ďwhat was the top movie of 2015?Ē (As of this writing the answer is Jurassic World.) Another great game that is hilarious to play with a group of friends is Cards Against Humanity. Itís a fun card game in which the players have to complete statements or sentences with cards having sometimes irrelevant, but always funny statements. This game is sure to tickle some ribs. Bingo is another fun game worth playing. You could go to the dollar store and buy some prizes for the winners or have extra party favors such as hats, glasses, and necklaces as the prizes. If you will have a lot of younger kids at your party, bingo is a great for them, too. If you want to have some adult fun, you can play a drinking game. We offer many drinking games here at PartyCheap such as Shots and Dice are Nice, Hot Shotz and the Mini Keg game. If you end up playing some drinking games, be sure your guests have a safe way of getting home if they arenít staying at your place. A final idea that always turns into some great memories and laughs is Karaoke. Gather everyone around, play your favorite songs and sing along. You donít even need a karaoke machine to do this. With the invention of smart TVís and laptops, this has never been easier. Pull up YouTube, find the lyric video to the song and get ready to sing along to your favorite jam.

You now have all the information you need to have the best New Yearís Eve party that you have ever had. So, itís time to start planning your awesome night with family and friends. Remember not to stress when planning your party. Just take it step-by-step and donít hesitate to ask for help. No matter how big or how small your party ends up being, just remember that the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy yourself with those closest to you. Celebrate your good health and wellness into another year!