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USA Soccer Viewing Party

U-S-A! U-S-A! Root on USA this tournament by hosting a USA soccer viewing party! Itís a fun time of year, so you and your friends should celebrate as such! Decorating for this type of party is pretty simple. All you need are USA decorations, soccer decorations and a bunch of food and drinks.

Start off by placing our United States Soccer Plastic Yard Sign out in your front yard.

USA Soccer Plastic Yard Sign

Not only are you letting everyone know where the party is, but also the team for which you are rooting! There is some minor simple assembly required with this product. The sign measures 12 inches by 16 inches and itís a great first decoration to order for your party.

As your guests enter the viewing party, greet them with this United States Soccer Pennant Banner. Itís made of an all-weather material so rain or shine, this banner will be fine. This banner has 12 pennants on it, each with a red, white and blue soccer ball. The banner measures 12 inches by seven feet long, but it can be cut if needed to suit your needs. It will let everyone know exactly what the game plan is here at this party.

Obviously youíre going to have plenty of food for your fellow soccer fans, so youíre going to need some plates to hold the delicious food. Combine your love for soccer and food with these United States Soccer Plates. These paper plates are plenty sturdy for the occasion and can hold whatever food you throw on it. You need plenty of USA party supplies if you want to root for your country out on the field. One package comes with eight plates, so make sure you order accordingly.

Plastic Referee VestEven though youíll be wearing plenty of red, white and blue, sport this Plastic Referee Vest on top while you watch USA soccer! Donít be afraid to let the ref know that you disagree with the call. Blow your whistle at the referee. If you arenít yelling at your television or radio, are you really even a hardcore soccer fan? The vest is made of a thin, flexible plastic material and has adjustable straps to reach your desired fit. Keep the vest after the party, however, because it could be used for other sport parties down the road. This is a neat soccer party idea that applies to more than just a USA viewing party.

Itís the time of year to root on your country and itís always a great time to throw a great party. Youíll want to have more money to spend on good food and good drinks, so save some money on the decorations. At, you can get high-quality decorations without breaking the bank. Dive into our extensive selection of soccer decorations by clicking the green ďShop NowĒ button below. Score a goal with our decorations! Donít forget, we are and we know how to party!