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Trunk or Treat Ideas

Trunk or Treat

Many people are familiar with trick-or-treating, but trunk-or-treat is growing in popularity every year. What exactly is trunk or treat? Well, itís a Halloween event that is considered safer than the traditional door to door style of trick-or-treating. People gather and park their cars in a large parking lot and the trunk-or-treaters go from car to car and collect candy. Also, everyone is dressed up, cars included! This type of event takes part in a local parking lot, oftentimes in a school or church lot. Here at, we have plenty of decorations that can help turn your car into a decorative, candy-filled area! Whether you have an SUV, a truck, or a tiny car, we have supplies for you! Some of the trunk-or-treat ideas in this piece arenít scary because some communities discourage participants from using scary themes, decorations, or costumes, because many of the trunk-or-treaters are very young.


Circus theme trunk or treat

This theme is pretty simple and easy to pull off, but if done correctly, it will be a favorite among those seeking candy. Start by opening the trunk and hanging the Red and White Stripes Backdrop down from it. You can also just drape the backdrop over the back end of your car. Now that you have the right colors behind you, itís time to get you looking the part. Order our Adult Clown Costume so that the little trunk-or-treaters think this car came straight from the circus. Donít forget the clown nose! You can also hang up some cutouts of animals and circus signs.


Zombie theme trunk or treat

If there are no rules about decorations, then get ready for some frights! Once again, a backdrop is vital to setting the scene for vehicle at the trunk or treat. For the zombie theme, the Scary Heads Backdrop is the perfect backdrop. Place some Assorted Bloody Body Parts on the ground. Youíre going to scare the socks right off some people! The Zombie Window Cling is absolutely perfect for a zombie themed trunk-or-treat night. Just stick a few of these on your car windows and let the trunk-or-treaterís mind wonder about what youíre hiding in that car of yours! This theme is sure to give the kids a fright, so make certain that these types of decorations are allowed.


Take our Spooky Sky Backdrop and drape that over the back end of your car. From there, itís all about hanging as many ghost decorations around as possible. You could even cover yourself with a sheet to get in the ghost mood! Here at, we have a Hanging Ghost that stands 23 inches tall and would look great hanging off the side of your car. Cover the windows with some Halloween Peeper Clings or the Ethereal Ghost Cling. This theme would be a good theme to get a fright or two, but not so much to scare people away.


Beach theme trunk or treat

Much like with the other themes, start by hanging a backdrop from the top of your open trunk. The Undersea Backdrop would be great for hanging from the car, while placing the Ocean Floor Border on the ground will really give your area the illusion of being at the beach. Our Fish Cutouts would be great to have as well, and you can even place them right on the backdrop to make it look like some fish are swimming. As for your outfit, wear bright colors and weather permitting, go ahead and rock a swimsuit, or something resembling it. Hand out some Swedish Fish and tropical leis to maintain that luau vibe! This would be a great trunk-or-treat idea for a church! Those are just a small sample of trunk-or-treat decorating ideas. Make sure to look at all of our Halloween decorations and supplies so that you can create an awesome trunk-or-treat theme. In addition to Halloween, we also have a wide variety of other themes to help you decorate your trunk with a unique idea. It is our goal to provide our loyal customers with exactly what they want at the lowest possible prices. Shop with us because weíre and we know how to party!