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Transformers Birthday Party Ideas

“Transform and roll out!” When the Transformers series came out, it was a huge hit among everyone, most notably younger boys. The constant action and transforming captivated the minds of many and they had trouble looking away from the screen for the duration of the movie! Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox headlined the movie, instantly becoming borderline superheroes to this movie’s fanatics. PartyCheap has some great products that will transform your Transformers birthday into a full-fledged party machine!

It’s not a party without food, so order the Transformers Lunch Plates. Each package comes with eight circular plates, each measuring nine inches across. The plates are primarily red and blue in color and they have aTransformers Lunch Plates (8/pkg) large Transformer in the center. These will also make for an easy clean up, because not only are they sturdy, but disposable as well. This is the first product from PartyCheap you will need for this party, so without further ado, let’s move to the next Transformers party idea.

Next up is none other than the Transformers Lunch Napkins. These 2-ply paper napkins measure six and a half inches and there are 16 in the package. Children can be pretty messy, but no worries, because these napkins will make the cleanup process a breeze! On this Transformers birthday party supply, you will see a picture of the famous, legendary if you will, Optimus Prime against a light blue background.

You got napkins, you got plates and now you need cups! Well, you’re in luck. PartyCheap has Transformers Hot/Cold Cups available for purchase. The cups measure three and three quarter inches and is capable of holding up to nine ounces of your favorite drink. The cups feature everyone’s favorite superhero robots, Bumblebee and Optimus Prime. Don’t fret, the cups are suitable for both hot and cold beverages! Each package contains eight cups, so keep that in mind when figuring out how many packages of these cups you will need to purchase. This is a great kids birthday party theme, and it’s sure to be a hit among the guests.

Last but not least, don’t forget the Solid Color Latex Balloons. Order blue and silver balloons, two of the major Solid Color Latex Balloons - 8/pkg (Select Color)colors at this Transformers birthday theme party. Even though the balloons are inexpensive, they are high in quality and will add to this birthday celebration. You could also make the balloons part of a crafting exercise, where the party guests draw their favorite character on a balloon. When the party is over, they get to take the balloon home with them!

Are you looking for more Transformers birthday party ideas? If so, then click here for some neat ideas and games to incorporate at this party. “Autobots, roll out!” Click the green “Shop Now” button to head over to PartyCheap’s selection of Transformers birthday party supplies. It’s time for you to transform from parent, to ultimate party planner! Go ahead, get started!