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Top 5 Spring Party Themes

Spring Theme

Spring is fast approaching, which means you can say goodbye to the snow and cold and hello to warming temperatures, green grass and some rain. There are some major holidays in the spring, such as St. Patrick's Day, Easter and Cinco De Mayo. The fun doesnít have to stop there, as there are other great reasons to have a party in the spring months. Throw a festive party for someoneís birthday or just have a party to celebrate the arrival of the Spring Season - or just the fact that the snow is all gone! No matter the reason for your party, you will want to come up with the perfect theme for it. To help with this, we have dug through the vast amounts of data that we have compiled to come up with the top 5 trending party themes for the upcoming spring season. We will also show you the top 10 party supplies and decorations that will take your spring party above and beyond and make it the best it can be. Onto the rankings!

Top 10 Spring Products

Stone Wall Backdrop

Top 5 Spring Party Themes

#5 -- 50ís Rock & Roll


We start our countdown at number five with some rockiní n rolliní! Letís take it back a few years so we can hang with the cool cats! Turn your next birthday party or wedding reception into A 50ís rock and roll themed bash! A 50ís era themed party will get everyone out of their seats to cut a rug!

Transform your pad or venue into a sock hop! Let PartyCheap help you jitterbug your way into the 50ís with all their 50ís rock and roll themed decorations and supplies! Decor in the 50ís was a way for the hosts to show off their home and housewife skills. Fresh flowers and seasonal greens would be placed on the table or a visible place for guests to see as they entered the home. Put up our 50ís Soda Shop Backdrop or the Black and White Checkered Backdrop so give the room a whole new view! Hang Rock and Roll Plastic Record Whirls from the ceiling and Jukebox Cutouts on the wall. Lastly, to top it all off, create a dedicated smoking room. Smoking was immensely popular throughout the 1950ís. Woman and men would gather around in smoking rooms and fancy ashtrays. For your party, you could create your own version of a smoking room and use our Light-Up Cigarettes for those that don't smoke - or maybe a room dedicated to eating cake? That being said, itís time to get this party rockiní!

Bust a move! Whether itís the hand jive or the cha-cha, this party is the bomb. Bring everyone out on the dance floor! Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra are always a crowd pleaser. Donít forget to wear your 50ís Sideburn Shades to look the part! Between each song play a short clip from a 50ís movie or show. This will give your guests time to catch their breath for the next jig. Play clips from John Wayne's western classics and Marilyn Monroeís vintage films Gentlemen Prefer Blondes or Some like it Hot. Be sure to include everyoneís favorite, I Love Lucy starring Lucille Ball! These clips will leave everyone in laughter!

Take five people! After all that dancing, those guests are sure going to get hungry. Fuel them up for another stroll on the dance floor. Impress your guests with hot and cold finger food delivered to you on a tray. It wouldn't be a 50ís themed party without homemade starchy food. Some easy ideas include:

  • Chicken fried steak with pan gravy. Mmm mmm!

  • Homemade baked macaroni and cheese. Everyone will most definitely get their grub on once this dish comes out.

  • Serve whoopie pies and rice pudding for dessert.

  • Wash it all down with a white Russian or fruit punch. It was very important to use the correct glass in the 1950ís for each drink, so display a wide array of glassware for each drink.

Now that everyone's bellies are full, hit the dance floor for one last twist!

Before each guests cuts out, remind them that the 1950ís were all about the 45 rpm records, dice, hot rods and music. So the word from the bird, PartyCheap will provide you with everything to make your next party THE BOMB! Remember, the exit is just as crucial as the entrance therefore, agitate the gravel!

#4 -- Nautical


Welcome aboard! Nautical party theme sail in at #4. As the temperatures begin to rise, so does beach fever! People have turned to nautical themed weddings, baby showers, and birthday parties and so many more nautical themed parties as spring approaches the summer months. After all, who doesnít love a little sand between their toes?

Life teaches us to work like a captain, but to play like a pirate! No matter the occasion bring your party to life with PartyCheapís nautical decorations. Some of our best-selling nautical decorations include the Cruise Ship Deck Backdrop and our Plastic Life Preserver. These two items can be used at all types of events. You canít control the wind but you can always adjust the sails.

Tying the knot? A nautical themed wedding is quite beautiful and elegant. Whether the venue takes place on the beach or inside, this wedding will sure to have everyone amazed. Start with a navy and silver color scheme; add coral or gold accents to make things pop! Use anchors as a symbol of love, because love anchors the soul. Entertain your guests with corn hole and ring toss followed by a fire and símores on the beach. Remember to choose your co-captain wisely because in high tide or in low tide, youíll always have him or her by your side.

Baby on board! Letís celebrate the life of the new baby with a nautical baby shower! Check out these quick tips for a great nautical themed baby shower:

  • Send out invitations that read, ďanchors away, a little girl is on the wayĒ or ďahoy, itís a boy!Ē

  • When each guest arrives have them write a message of advice and then roll it up and place in a bottle for the new mother.

  • Serve deviled eggs with toothpick flags to look like little sail boats. Make chicken salad on a croissant roll and place little eyes on to look like a crab.

  • Use mason jars filled with blue punch and Swedish fish to look like fish swimming the ocean.

  • Play nautical themed baby shower games. Baby BINGO is a great game for all ages. Make a BINGO card mixed with baby items and sea creatures, then use lifesavers as BINGO chips!

  • Send each guest home with a jar full of goodies and tag that says, ďThanks for sailing by!Ē

Ahoy Mates! Grab a sailor hat and join the party! Whether you are turning one or ninety-five, a nautical birthday party is the way to dive! Since warm weather is upon us, take the party outside! Fire up the grill and throw on the burgers and seafood. Wash it all down with a signature drink, such as a sea breeze or salty dog! Be careful, you donít want to be 3 sheets to the wind and miss your own party! Get everyone together and toss up a game of beach volleyball! Life is a shipwreck but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats! Come sail away with PartyCheap!

#3 -- Jungle


Swinging in at number 3 on our list is the Jungle party theme. A Jungle theme has many uses and is awesome for anyone who loves animals. This theme is great for birthdays and baby showers, and can be used to decorate a childís playroom or classroom at school.

One popular occasion that is perfect for a Jungle theme is a baby shower. The jungle theme is a gender neutral theme that can be used. You can also add blue or pink with the decorations to help reveal the gender of your baby! Use a variety of animal cutouts to decorate your event. Our jungle animal props are a great addition to a baby shower that has this theme. They have an animated and child like feel to them that is perfect for a jungle themed baby shower!

For teachers looking for a fun way to update their classrooms for spring, a Jungle themed classroom is the way to go. Most teachers will decorate their classroom with flowers for the Spring season. Using a jungle theme is a unique way teachers can create a one of a kind classroom that their students are sure to love.

  • You can use the Safari Animal Cutouts to decorate your walls. Simply use animals like giraffes, zebras, lions, elephants, and more. This will start to help you bring your classroom jungle to life.

  • A fun activity teachers could do with their students is to take the Foam Animal Masks and have students decorate them and write their name on them to hang up around your jungle classroom. This offers students the chance to help with the transformation of the classroom and gives them a sense of pride in their room.

  • Teachers could also just simply write the students names on these masks and hang them around the classroom or on a bulletin board.

No matter how you decorate, using the jungle or safari theme is a great way to add some fun to the classroom.

#2 -- Medieval


Hear ye! Hear ye! Number two on our list is a throwback theme. The medieval party theme is great theme for all types of parties, but especially for birthday parties. With Spring right around the corner, a Medieval themed birthday party is perfect for your youngster getting ready to celebrate another birthday. You can also use the medieval theme for host viewing parties for one of the most popular shows on TV right now, Game of Thrones.

One of the easiest ways to use the Medieval theme for your childís birthday party is to recreate an ancient kingdom right in your home. Have the boys dress up as knights and the girls as princesses. Once your party area is all decked out with backdrops, cutouts, and anything else you want (we encourage you to go all out), decide on some fun birthday activities for the kids. See who can make the best Medieval pillow fort or have some Medieval style games. You can have kids create their own shield designs and have a prize for the winner.

The Medieval theme is also a popular spring time party due to the return of the very popular show Game of Thrones. You can use the Medieval Insta-Theme to create a look alike castle for hosting a viewing party. Gather all your friends around and get ready to watch your favorite show and feel more like a character in the show with the medieval costumes. You can even decorate like your favorite House, just beware those who support the Lannisters, you never know what they may be up to!

#1 -- Luau


The top party theme for the spring time is... a Luau Party Theme! This is one of the best themes to have and is even better when you can host the party outside. This theme is perfect for taking full advantage of those warm spring nights. So break out your tiki torches put on a grass skirt and get ready for a good old fashioned Luau.

A Luau party is a great theme for anyone with a spring birthday. A luau theme is truly a laid back and relaxing party theme that will greatly be enjoyed by anyone attending the party. Luauís were originally celebrated in Hawaiian culture to celebrate victory at war or someone achieving an important life milestone. You can find out for on the history of the Luau here. You can use the Inflatable Palm Tree to decorate around your party to start to give your party that tropical feel. You can then use the Pineapple Paper Lanterns to hang up. If you are going to have your party into the night outside provide some light with Light Up Hibiscus Paper Lanterns. This decoration is perfect for outdoor parties and is one of our more popular items used for a Luau party. Stuck inside? No worries! Luau parties are great both indoor and out, so donít let the weather keep you from having all of that luau fun!

Luau party theme is not only a great theme for spring birthday parties but can also be great for celebrating another big life milestone for people, graduation. Throw a Luau to honor that special person whoís graduating from college or high school. Set tiki torches up outside and get ready for a special Luau celebrating all the hard work and dedication that your recent graduate has put in.

Well, thatís a wrap! Get into gear this spring with PartyCheap! No matter if it's St. Patrickís Day, Easter, Cinco De Mayo or even just a special occasion that calls for a party, weíve got you covered. Spring is always a great time of the year to throw a party. Itís not too hot and itís not too cold, therefore spring into action, literally! Even if the rain does make an appearance, just be glad itís not snow! Take your party inside with fabulous backdrops and party decorations. Donít let the rain put a damper on your party. Celebrate this season with PartyCheap, you donít want to miss out!

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