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Throw the Ideal Outdoor Patriotic Party

Get Creative with the Classic Red, White and Blue!

With Memorial Day and the 4th of July quickly approaching, it’s the season of patriotic parties! And, who wants to throw a summertime party inside? Patriotic parties are a barbecue occasion, a cook-out with family and friends. You’ll need some décor to go along with the burgers and dogs, though. Here are a few simple ideas that can make set your outdoor bash apart and show off your American pride!

Deck, Hanging and Window Decor

  • If you have a deck to entertain with, you can definitely use that to your advantage. Decks are perfect for banners or decorative garland. You can choose to go with a vintage American flag banner or put a twist on the standard flag with red, white and blue fan garland! Other options include pennant banners, USA glitter streamer, tissue paper and even simple fabric.

  • Decks can also be spruced up with patriotic pride ribbons! A ribbon at each post or corner of the deck will make the rustic wood an excellent backdrop for your party.

  • Outdoor overhangs are great for patriotic whirls and danglers. They are usually 30 inches long, so they won’t get in the way and they will add a lot of fun to your party. A popular design is American-flag patterned stars.

  • If the center of your party is on a deck or porch near windows, you can even use your house as a party prop! Patriotic window clings are a unique way to decorate an outdoor party and they get your entire environment involved in the theme.

Table Decor

Party Apparel

  • More than likely, there will be children at your party. Having items for the kids to wear (and the adults!) will complete your red, white and blue social. Stars and stripes top hats, party beads and bow ties are quick and inexpensive dress up items that people of all ages can enjoy!

Want your red, white and blue blowout to be even more unique? Use nautical party supplies in combination with patriotic decorations! We have everything you need right here at PartyCheap.