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Throw a Hollywood Awards

November 10, 2016
Lights, Camera, Letís Party! Invite all of your friends and family over for the next big awards night. Paparazzi Insta-ThemeCome together to watch as each celebrity make their way to the red carpet. You surely won't want to miss any of the gorgeous outfits or see who trips. Make your house the go-to place for a viewing party by following PartyCheapís guide to the best Hollywood Awards Night party.

Red Carpet Entrance

When celebrities step out of their cars, all they see are flashing lights and paparazzi. Make each guest feel like celebrity before they walk through the door. Place Star Peel N Place Decals on the ground that lead to the front door. Add each guests name to Star Peel N Place Decalthe middle of the decal for a personalized touch. Make it a true red carpet by adding a line of rope stanchions alongside the walkway to keep crazy fans back from interrupting the VIPs. In your case, it will probably just be your nosy neighbors, but hey- thatís like having paparazzi follow you. If you want to turn it up another notch, get some twinkle string lights or cheap strobe lights to mimic camera flashes.


You wowed your guests with the outside of your venue, so you canít let the inside be a downer. Use PartyCheapís Awards Night Door Curtain to create a grand entrance to your A list party. In your viewing room, create the look of spotlights by standing flashlights upside down in tissue boxes. Add some colored cellophane to the tops of every other flashlight to create a classic uplighting effect. If you want some added interest for your uplights, try using PartyCheapís Popcorn boxes instead of tissue boxes. Oh Happy Day - Crepe Paper Fringe Backdrop

Create a simple but awesome photobooth backdrop out of crepe paper. Twist streamers from floor to ceiling in all different directions for a criss crossed effect. Create a fringed whirl effect by following this tutorial from Oh Happy Day. Since you have your photo booth set up, youíll need some props. Check out PartyCheapís handprint photo prop and photo fun signs as well as the rest of our Hollywood cutouts. All you need now is the camera and you have lasting memories from your Hollywood extravaganza.


And the award goes to ... Thatís right people, it isnít an awards party without giving out awards. Make ballots for each guest to fill out before the award ceremony, once the winners have been Male Statuette and Gold Recordannounced have each guest tally their votes and the guest with most correct answers wins. You can even create your own categories for your guests - think best dressed, funniest personality, best hair. Make sure each of your guests wins one category and give them a statuette or a gold record for their most monumental win.

Another fun activity is red carpet BINGO. The host must create multiple BINGO cards before the celebrities walk the red carpet. Fill in the spaces with things you expect to see - a celebrity crying, a political statement, a wardrobe change. You can even get more specific depending on the awards show youíre watching. If itís music, maybe add a win for Luke Bryan or Rihanna. If itís movies, try a win for Meryl Streep and a loss for Leonardo DiCaprio (sorry Leo). While watching the red carpet interviews and onstage appearances, let the guests play BINGO and hand out a prize to the first winner. As always, in every award show there are live performances and music, use this as opportunity to crank up the volume and dance!

Hors Díoeuvres or Entrees

Make sure to feed your guests. You can do this Gordon Ramsay style or just stick with the basics. Whether itís a five star meal or just appetizers, your guests will be satisfied. Offer a signature cocktail just for this special evening. Prepare crowd favorites such buffalo chicken dip and bacon wrapped shrimp. These food dishes are always go quick and are so tasty. Buckets of Concessions Signpopcorn and chips are great to munch on too. The best way to ensure a good assortment of dishes is by asking your guests to bring their signature dish to share with all. Place PartyCheapís Concessions Sign above your food service table and use Hollywood Star Place Cards to label each dish. For those hosts who are feeling extra fancy, surf ní turf or a delicious pasta dish will most certainly impress every guest. Donít let food go to waste so make sure everyone attends the party to get a little taste!

VIP Swag Bags

Before sending your guests off to mattressland or maybe even an after party, award them for attending the best Hollywood
Plastic Balloon Bag - Black and Gold
party ever! Just like how all the celebrities get a swag bag, fill VIP Goody bags with candy, trinkets and confetti. Try creating a candy bar so your guests can pick their own goodies. Finish off your night with a Hollywood balloon drop using our black and gold balloon bag. Write a message for each guest on a balloon before stuffing the bag for an extra treat. Remember those Hollywood Stars with which you lined your walkway? Those are reusable so give them to your guests on their way out as a final gift to commemorate the night.

PartyCheap has all these and many more decorations and supplies for a Hollywood awards night party including invitations, ballots, and many more. Check out all the options on our Hollywood Party homepage.

Find more party inspirations and DIYs from our PartyCheap blogs. We're PartyCheap and we know how to party!

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