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Thomas the Tank Engine Party Ideas

Chugga Chugga Choo Choo! If your child is all about trains, give him/her an awesome train themed party based around the world’s favorite train! It’s time to throw a Thomas the Tank engine party! Your child is sure to love this and with all the materials PartyCheap has to offer, your wallet will love it just as much! You can get all the necessary supplies right here at PartyCheap and this guide will help you with the party ideas you have been trying to find. Without further ado, let’s get this train themed party rollin’ down the tracks!

To begin setting the overall theme, send out Thomas the Tank Engine invitations so that all of your child’s

Thomas and Friends Invitations (8/pkg)friends can get ready for this exciting theme! PartyCheap has Thomas and Friends Invitations, a great touch to this train themed party. You will receive eight postcard invitations, eight red envelopes, eight seals, eight save the date stickers and all eight invitations have a place for the location, date, time, place and how to R.S.V.P. These themed invitations are more colorful and appealing than a standard invitation, which will have everybody wishing the event was tomorrow!

The food table will be visited frequently by all attendees. We all know how messy kids (and parents) can be, therefore, put some Thomas and Friends Lunch Napkins on the table. The napkins will be great for wiping cake off their face, but it will also add to the overall theme. Let your child’s favorite locomotive be featured all throughout the celebration, just the way it should be! The Thomas and Friends Dessert Plates are a great choice to hold the cake and whatever other food is being served. If you want to take this theme to the next level, click here to see some unique food ideas.

Thomas the Tank PinataEvery good party has good food and good games. For an extensive list of games to play for different age ranges, click here to check out a bunch of different activities. PartyCheap has a traditional party staple that has the perfect design for your child’s birthday. If you want to entertain everyone as well as shower them with a bunch of candy and/or little gifts, you absolutely need the Thomas the Tank Pinata for your child’s party. It’s so appealing that you almost won’t want it to be busted open! The 18in x 7.5in x 10in pinata is sure to be a hit. It does come empty, which allows you to fill Thomas up with whatever candy and/or little knick-knacks you decide to put in the pinata.

At the conclusion of the party, all the kiddos look for the gift bags that they get to take home with them. Continue the theme and give them their little gifts in a Thomas and Friend Party Loot Bag. In this package, you will receive eight bags with the smiling faces of Thomas, James and Percy on one side and a spot to write someone’s name on it, giving you the chance to personalize each and every bag. Each bag measures 9.25in x 6.5in and is the perfect size to hold a solid amount of candy, gifts, etc. PartyCheap has two great products you can put in the bag, the Thomas and Friends blowouts and tattoos. Using these bags will carry out the theme from the very beginning, all the way through the final stages of your child’s celebration.

With the right train birthday party supplies, you will be able to throw the coolest birthday bash. When it comes to a train themed party, Thomas the Tank Engine party supplies are sure to set the theme and provide a fun atmosphere for one heck of a celebration. Here at PartyCheap, we can provide you the necessary materials in an inexpensive fashion, while maintaining the highest quality of all the products. Now that you are ready, it’s time to depart the station!