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Team Spirit Gear

You’ve probably heard of the terms home field advantage or home court advantage depending on the sport. While there may be many factors that make up that advantage, one of the biggest factors is the home fans. Whether it is children, high school, college or professional, all teams love the support of their fans. A loud and rowdy crowd sporting their team colors not only boosts the home team, it helps deflate the opposing team. Start by wearing clothes that match the team colors then add all the extra accessories that show you’ve got the spirit. The big game is coming so get your supplies ready so your team will have that advantage. It’s time to make that checklist now so you and your friends will have all the gear you need.

  • Rooter shakers Checkmark
  • Cowbells Checkmark
  • Hand clappers Checkmark
  • Party sticks Checkmark
  • Horns Checkmark
  • Beads Checkmark
  • Leis Checkmark
  • Boppers and Hats Checkmark
  • #1 Hand Checkmark

  • Team Spirit Shakers

    Ready to show your support for your favorite team? PartyCheap has the team spirit gear for you ! No matter what the sport is, we have the game day accessories to let your excitement show. Cheer your team to victory with rooter shakers in your team colors. Always a hit for bringing the crowd to life!

    Football ClappersWant to energize the team? Make some noise!Ring those cowbells! Shake those clappers! Bang those party sticks! Check out the PartyCheap line of noisemakers that will assure the team hears your support and make the opposition wish you were on their side. We have baseball, soccer ball, football and basketball cowbells as well as the classic generic cowbells which come in assorted colors. Clappers are available in football and basketball shapes in addition to the traditional hand shaped clappers.

    PartyCheap also has a line of wearable accessories like beads, boppers, hats, leis and face paint that will let your school spirit show. Oh and don’t forget the fan essential inflatible #1 Hand. This 24” hand will stand out in the crowd at any game.

    Browse the full line of PartyCheap team spirit products here so you can let your spirit show and give your team an advantage at the next big game!