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Take a Bite Out of Shark Week

August may signal the end of summer, but it also holds one of the most beloved weeks of TV - Shark Week!

If youíre thinking about throwing a party with the sharks, here are a few killer decoration ideas for you to keep in mind! Below are the top 8 products that can be used to have a perfect Shark Week party!

1. Shark Tableware

BEWARE: Do not feed the sharks! You won't have to worry about these 2D sharks eating your food or taking a snap at you. We have all the Shark Napkins, cups and plates you will need for what we are sure will be a great tribute to the infamous shark week!

Shark Tableware

2. Shark Paper Lantern

Take one of our Blue Paper Lanterns and turn it into a man-eating shark. Cut up arm fins and a fin to go on top of the head. Then make eyes for the shark along with a large mouth to use for the sharks face. Once youíve attached all the accents to the tissue lantern shark, hang the sharks up around your venue. Check out our Shark Paper Lanterns Blog, which give you a How To make these cute additions to your party!

Shark Paper Lanterns

3. Shark Photo Prop

Silly pictures are perfect for shark week - and whatís better than a prop that puts you right in the middle of the action? Get up close and person with the sharks of the deep sea with our Shark Photo Prop.

Shark Photo Prop

4. Inflatable Shark

Why get an inflatable Shark? 1) Uh, because itís awesome! 2) Letís face it...have a real shark live shark would be out of the question, most of us can bare take care of a goldfish... 3) After Shark Week, you can you it as a pool toy. Perfect for kids!

Inflatable Shark

5. Jointed Shark

This 6-foot Shark will thrill your party guests. Hang it up, or leave it on the ground - either way, itís an excellent addition to shark week!

Jointed Shark

6. Jointed Anchor

Just in case you need to keep your party in one place. A Jointed Anchor is complementary to the shark theme.

Jointed Anchor

7. Undersea Backdrop and Ocean Floor Border

Your party will need a place to call home, and this background set will completely transform your area. Take your party to the bottom of the ocean and feed with the sharks.Use our Undersea Backdrop and Marine Life Props to make your room come to life.

Shark Background

8. Marine Life Props

Youíre going to need some sharks at your party, but you might as well have an eel and sting ray too! These props give your the entire oceanís food chain.

Marine Life Props

Happy party planning!

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