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Tailgate for this Year's NCAA Champs

The 2017 College Football National Championship will be played at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida on January 9, 2017. The Alabama Crimson Tide will play the Clemson Tigers for the final matchup.

Since the National Championship game is played in January, most viewers will be watching indoors but that doesn't mean the party should be any less. It’s time to gather all your friends and family to tailgate before the big game. PartyCheap has all the supplies you need for tableware, decorations, and noisemakers at the big game. While you prepare for the action, check out our top pregame warmup songs:
  • Heart of a Champion - Nelly
  • Hall of Fame - The Script
  • Till I Collapse - Eminem
  • Eye of the Tiger - Survivor
  • Remember the Name - Fort Minor


Tailgate games are always must! Classic tailgate games such as cornhole and washers can be played indoors too. Clear out your garage and heat it up because these games are going to be intense. Play darts and pool too! Hang up PartyCheap's party game. If you plan on viewing the game at a local pub, bring a deck of cards or download games onto your mobile device such as Be sure to be respectful to those around you and remember it’s just a game so have fun! Football Tableware


Bring on the snacks! The best part of any tailgate is the food, everyone knows that! Have each guest bring their favorite tailgate snack.This will create a variety of food for when you get the munchies. As always wings and pizza are a tailgate favorite but try something new. Maybe walking tacos, cheeseburger egg rolls or even jalapeno poppers! Sticking to the classic appetizers is great too, and don't forget the drinks. No matter what you bring to the tailgate, you won't go wrong! Of course you will need somewhere to put all these delectable finger foods. Inflatable Football Field Buffet Cooler PartyCheap has an assortment of and plates, napkins, cups, even table covers that will clean up the whole mess with easy swoop. Since most tailgate parties are set up buffet style and are set up for those to help themselves, use an to keep your favorite snacks and drinks cool.


Show your team spirit with PartyCheap’s football decorations! From tailgate decor to silly Stadium Insta Theme football hats, we’ve got you covered. Become the life of the party by wearing and a . Give your chef the power with a ; keep score with a chalkboard ; make some noise with . You can even feel like you are in the front row with our that will transform your entire room into a football stadium. If you're looking for a little less wall coverage, try making your own football photobooth using a green sheet and . Hand the sheet on your wall and line 10 streamers horizontally. If desired, pin to the edges to denote distances along the field. Alternately, you can cut the in half, aligning the two pieces, to create a backdrop. Add or other to complete the picture.

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