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Tailgate Party Ideas

Woohoo! Itís everyoneís favorite time of the year! Cool nights, bonfires, hot apple cider, and football! Whether it is a college tailgate or another sports tailgate, PartyCheap has all your tailgating decorations and tailgate party ideas to make it a parking lot party!

Tailgates are a great way to bring your friends and family together and cheer on your favorite team to victory. Football CowbellSo, not sure how to tailgate? Or maybe you need some football tailgate ideas? Round everyone up and get a game plan together, so everyone knows what to bring and where to meet. In every football game there is a leader, the quarterback of the team, the one who calls the plays. Before the day of your tailgate, choose your own quarterback, the person who will organize the party but will also make sure all his or her teammates are involved. If the quarterback is feeling overwhelmed and doesn't have a clear route, he or she will throw a pass to friend, so that the team will be successful. Assign someone to bring hot food, cold food, tables, grill, utensils, games, etc. So although it seems like a lot of work, if everyone participates and does not give up, it will be fun and enjoyable for everyone and could end up being the best tailgate ever!

Tailgate Games:

Now that we have our game plan established, let's play ball! Once you arrive at your location, use your defensive line to help set up. Your tough line will help get everything together and will be secure. With all the hard work done, it's now time to let the fun begin! Break out those tailgate party games! These are games where everyone can participate, even the kids! Ladder golf and washer toss are classics that everyone will love. Kan Jam is a newer game for friends and family that will let you show off those frisbee skills. Letís not forget Americaís favorite game, cornhole! Bring your homemade or portable boards and bags for on the go! Cornhole will bring out your competitive side but will be sure to give everyone a good laugh! For those who are of age, play beer pong! Create teams with you and your buddies and have a beer pong tournament. If that's not enough here are some more ideas for games to play at your tailgate, but donít get too rowdy now, you don't want to miss the game!

Tailgate Food Ideas:

All these fun games will really work up an appetite. Itís grilling time! Put hot dogs and burgers on the grill, or if Inflatable Goal Post Cooler with Football it still morning cook up breakfast. Have all your teammates bring a side dish, either hot or cold. Here are a few popular tailgate food ideas; chips and salsa, wings, chili, and buffalo chicken dip. Keep the drinks cold in an Inflatable Goal Post Cooler with Football. When the weather changes to cold at the end of the season, bring hot chocolate or hot apple cider to warm everyone up and to keep them going strong. Don't skimp on food or drinks, it takes a great deal of fuel to make a healthy, strong, and victorious team! For more tailgate ideas go to

Go! Go! Go! Go team go! Ring that Football Cowbell with all your might to push your team to victory! Take your team all the way with PartyCheapís tailgating ideas and supplies! Nobody will want to miss your parking lot party!