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Superhero Birthday party

Every kid dreams of being a real superhero. A mask, cape and saving the community. Well make their dreams come true. Throw a Superhero Birthday Party for your little guy/girl. Have masks, capes and activities for all the little superheroes in training. Watch all the guests transform from their daytime personalities, into their superhero attitudes. But let us not forget that adults are kids at heart too. This superhero theme is perfect for the adults trying to relive their childhood dreams.

Batman Party Supplies

Under Disguise:

Clark Kent by day but Superman by night. Every good superhero has to go under disguise while keeping the community safe. The little superheros at the party are no exception! Give each little guy/girl a cape, mask and/or paint their faces. We have Spiderman Mask and Avenger Masks available for the kids to use throughout the party as well. Then have each kid make up their very own superhero name!

Superhero Training:

Now that everyone is in their new disguise and has a new name, training must take place. Because every superhero needs to be in tip-top shape! Set up an obstacle course for the little superheros to go through. They can work on their speed, jumping and dodging skills. Another step to the training is much more difficult. Because saving the world is no easy task. They have to maneuver through laser beams. Set this up by putting red strings in a hallway. Watch as the hero's dip and dodge through the beams. Try to make a race and time each child as they go through. Have an award for the fastest participant.


Every superhero needs to refuel and get energy to defeat the villains. Batman, Avengers, and Spiderman are the superheroes that you can mix and match for your tableware. We also have Spiderman Scene Setter and Avenger Scene Setter with intense pictures of the hero's in action. Hang these up on your walls for life size versions of your kids hero's. They can take pictures with their tough hero's!

Spiderman Party Supplies

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane.. No it’s Superman!

Every kids dreams of soaring through the sky to help a citizen in need. Make this dream a reality with this clever idea. Lay out the Sky Backdrop on the floor. Add the Fluffy Cloud Props to the backdrop. Then make little buildings to place at the bottom of the sky.

For the picture, have the kids lay down on the backdrop and strike their favorite flying pose. Snap a picture and give their picture to each guest. The kids will love their flying picture! It would be really fun, to have a couple people dress up in villain costumes. And the heros and villians can “fight” in the sky. I can’t think of a little boy who wouldn’t want to do that!

*Superhero Disclaimer: There might have to be short breaks through the party when the superhero have to go out and save the world. But, don’t worry, they will return and everyone can go back to training for the next big event!