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Ultimate Super Bowl Party Guide

Super Bowl Party Ideas

Are you ready for some football?? Itís almost that time of the year when - unless you stick your head in the sand - you canít escape the Big Game. Teams have played a full season and itís coming down to the final two teams, ready to face off in a final game to decide who will be crowned champions. People tend to get locked into this game whether they are a football fan or not. No matter what your reason is for tuning into the big game, one of the best things to do on Super Sunday is to invite all the friends over and have a party. Even if you arenít a football fan, you still have the commercials to look forward to! This guide will give you tons of cheap Super Bowl party ideas that will help make your party a hit. You wonít be disappointed getting together with your friends and family to enjoy some amazing food and drinks. Any excuse to party, right?

Super Bowl Food Ideas:

When people get to your house, donít be surprised if the first thing they say to you - yes, before hello - is ďWhereís the food?Ē It may seem far fetched, but there will be at least one person who is completely focused on the game and food, as if no one else is there. If the food isnít ready by time people get there, make sure itís ready before kickoff at the very least. Since the game will last for a couple hours, we recommend preparing food that you can keep warm throughout the game so people can snack as they choose. Using crockpots or hot plates is the easiest way that will be sure to keep your food warm and ready to serve at anytime. By preparing food this way you can sit down and relax during the game and people can keep filling up their plates when (and how much) they want. Setting up a buffet style spread in your kitchen - or if you have the space in the room where youíll be watching the game - is one of the easiest ways to ensure everyone has access to all of the delicious goods. Utilize football themed serving trays to serve your guests the snacks while getting into the spirit of the day. There are tons of super bowl recipe ideas out there but we listed some of the easiest and most popular ones below that are sure to give your guests exactly what they are craving!

Gameday Inspired Recipes-

The Super Bowl only comes once a year so whipping up some game day inspired recipes can be a fun way to celebrate the game while letting your creative side loose. Cook up some fan favorites such as nachos, chicken wings, or your own unique dish and get ready to grub out during the game. Check out allrecipes for some more creative Super Bowl recipes.

Chicken Wings-

Chicken wings are synonymous with football, and without wings, are you even throwing a legitimate Super Bowl party? BBQ, mild, hot, whatever the flavor, you canít have a Super Bowl party without chicken wings! Beer, wings and football, whatís much better than that? They arenít too hard to make (or order pre-made) and you can keep the wings in the oven on a low temperature so your guests can grab some whenever he/she is hungry. You could also add some other chicken fun to your food choice list. Check out these spicy popcorn chicken bites from PinchOfYum for a fun and unique method of serving chicken during the game. Score a touchdown with this football necessity at your party on Super Bowl Sunday.


Complement your wings by picking up a pizza or two for your party. Many pizza providers offer some Super Bowl specials, so make sure you use those deals to your advantage. If you donít want to buy a pizza, make your own! This link will give you a simple four step process to create an amazing homemade pizza! Top it with whatever you want and, like the wings, keep them in a warm oven to help keep it fresh for the whole party. Pizza is an easy food to eat and it will surely be a hit among your guests. Grab a couple slices and go root on your team!


One of the easier foods to serve is meatballs. Simply place them in a crockpot with the sauce or seasoning you prefer and let them cook. Meatballs are a great game day food because they will stay warm all game and provide a variety of food choices. Guests can quickly make a sandwich or sub whenever they want, or simply eat them by themselves.


Sliders are a great food choice to cook up for a Super Bowl party. The reason sliders are such a great option is that they become a small snack instead of a full meal, compared to making regular sized sandwiches. This allows your guests to be able to snack on them throughout the game. You can make a variety of different types of sliders. Some examples are beef, chicken, or sausage. Due to their small size, this also allows your guests to be able to get a good taste and try each type of slider during the game.

Vegetarian Recipes-

Are you a vegetarian or have people coming over that are? Check out the link below for some tasty recipes that would even make the biggest meat loverís taste buds go crazy! The plates range from the perfect baked potato to crispy spiced chickpeas and everything in between!


Now that you have taken care of the food, you need to make sure you have something to wash it all down. Be sure you provide a good variety so that guests with all tastes and of all ages will have something to drink. Beer, Soda, and water are the most popular drinks you can supply for your guests. If you are worried that you wonít be able to offer the kind of beer or soda that everyone will enjoy, just ask your guests to bring the type of drink they want so that they can share or drink themselves. This shouldnít be a problem since you are already providing them with food. With the beer and soda (or pop, depending on where you are from), we recommend making sure that you have plenty of water at your party. Water is an essential because not only do a lot of people enjoy drinking water, but itís a great option for those who donít want any of the other beverages offered.

Cheap Super Bowl Decorating Ideas:

Add some decorations to your Super Bowl party to help make your party even better. How much you choose to decorate is up to you, but here are some tips and tricks that can help turn you give your home that tailgate feel. A great place to start is with the serve ware you use to serve the food. Whichever food you decide to serve at your party, pick up a football themed serving tray that you can place all of that awesome food on. If you are going to serve chips and dip, using a chip and dip tray is a perfect way to present your food. This also keeps the number of dishes you need to clean up at a minimum. Now that you have all of your food out and ready to be served, you need to determine a place to keep all of it. The easiest way to do this - as stated earlier - is to serve your guests buffet style. This is a great idea for two reasons, first people will probably be eating throughout the game. Second, because it keeps all the food in one place, which makes it easy to access. If your favorite team made it to the Super Bowl (and even if they didnít), grab a table cover of your team and place it over the table to protect it from any accidental spills or drips from the food while showing off your team pride.

As far as serving drinks goes, the most obvious location for storage is your fridge. Depending on the size of your fridge however, you may not be able to fit all the drinks in there. The easy solution to this is to just grab a cooler and fill it with ice and the remaining beverages. Keep the cooler near the food

table so that people can easy grab a drink after they are done getting their food. If you want to stick with the theme, check out this Inflatable Goal Post Cooler. Itís perfect for gameday and tailgates and will sure to be a talking point at your party.

Now that we have covered all the decorations you can use regarding food, time to move onto decorating the rest of your house. Itís the biggest game of the year, so go above and beyond with your decorations. One easy way to go about doing this is to grab some cutouts to hang on your walls. An amazing decoration that is easy to hang up and will be sure to bring your room to life is a fathead. These easily hang on your wall and can be taken down later with ease. Just make sure your decorations donít get in the way of the TV and you give your guests a clear view so they can enjoy the real reason youíre throwing the party. For more cheap Super Bowl decorations that are quick and easy to use (not to mention available at a great price), check out the rest of our Super Bowl decorations.

At Home Tailgate:

If you want to add a little creativity to decorating for your Super Bowl party, turn your house into an at home tailgate. If you live in a place with nice weather, set up a canopy and some yard games in your backyard and hang out just like youíre tailgating at the game. Donít forget to fire up the grill and make some of that tailgate food talked about above. Creating an at home tailgate is great for the Super Bowl because it will be the final game until fall comes back around. This is your chance to make this tailgate one to remember for seasons to come.

You can also convert the inside of your home into a fun tailgate area. Cook some food and use the food serving ideas provided earlier for your guests. There are also some great games you can play inside to make your in home tailgate just as memorable - if not moreso! If you decide to go with the at home tailgate idea, there are some key items you will need. Much like any other tailgate, you will want to make sure you have a cooler, some fun tablecovers (check out either the football or printed grass tablecover for full effect), and even a fun apron for the grill or food master. You can even throw in some fun tailgate zone party tape to section of the party area! And of course you will want the essentials as well, the standard napkins, plates, and cups you would otherwise have at a Super Bowl party.

Super Bowl Party Games:

Finger Football-

One outside of the box game that you can have at your Super Bowl party is finger football. This classic football themed game is a great way to get everyone more involved in the spirit of the day. Finger football is an easy game to learn and play, making it great for guests of all ages to enjoy. You also need very little in the way of supplies - just a table to play on and some paper to make into a football. A really fun way to spice up your party and this activity (though this idea can apply to any activity you decide to include) is to set up a finger football tournament. Have everyone who wants to play ďsign upĒ (something like this would be most fun with a group of at least 8 players) on a piece of paper. From there, you can either have a bracket style tournament - a la the college basketball March Madness - or break it up into groups and have the winners of each group play for the Finger Football Championship. Any prizes are up to you, though of course bragging rights are always on the line.


If youíre not a huge football fan, creating a bingo game related to football - specifically in this instance the Super Bowl - will help to keep you interested and watching the game. This is also a great activity for younger kids to help keep their attention and teach them some of the concepts of football. Create your bingo cards and fill spaces in with various things that include potential events that could happen during the game. Examples of these could be Touchdown, Fumble, Interception, and Punt. You can also incorporate commercials into your game by putting various types of commercials on your
cards. Some fun examples of these would be ďBeer Commercial,Ē ďCommercial with Animal(s),Ē or ďCommercial that Uncle Bob laughed at.Ē Bingo during the game may not be popular for the big time football fans, but for those of you that donít find the game all that interesting adding a fun twist is a great way to keep yourself watching the game from kickoff to the final whistle.

Corn Hole-

Albeit a simple game from a rules standpoint, this game is one of the most popular tailgate games out there! Who would have thought that trying to throw a beanbag through a hole would be one of the most popular games today?! For those of you who have never played corn hole before, you are missing out. The ultimate goal for each throw is to get the bean bag through the hole. As many of us can attest to, this is easier said than done. At the very least, by the end of your round, you want to make sure you have more bags through the hole and/or on the board than your opponent. The game is generally played in teams of two, with opponents taking turns tossing their beanbags. For every bag through the hole, the team gets 3 points, and for every bag on the board the team gets 1. The first team to get to 21 points is the winner, however be careful, for if you go over 21 or you will have to go all the way back to 11 or 15, depending on house rules.

Kan Jam-

Another easy to play game is Kan Jam. You can set up and play before the game starts, or set up a mini tournament during halftime while the performers do their thing. Kan Jam is a fun game where teams of two compete by throwing a frisbee and trying to hit or sink the frisbee in the opening of a ďcanĒ. Rules can be found here and the game will provide a fun halftime experience for all.

Ladder Golf-

Ladder golf is another fun game, but itís probably the hardest one on this list. Tossing something to ring it around a rung on the ladder doesnít seem to hard, but it takes quite a few throws to figure the trajectory out. With the three rungs that come on the typical ladder golf ladder, you can decide to give the rungs three points to one from the top down or vice versa (have the bottom rung worth 3 and the top only 1). Even though itís a tough game, everyone will have a blast playing it and the competitive stakes wonít will get pretty high. This, like the others on our list, is a great game to have at your Super Bowl party.

Drinking Games (21+):

Flip Cup-

Flip cup is a classic team based drinking game that will entertain your guests for quite some time. Put some alcohol (you decide which type and how much) in a cup and let the race begin. When the race starts, drink the alcohol as fast as you can, then try to flip the cup to land upside down. Once that happens, the next person on your team will go and itís a race for one team to have all their cups flipped over before the opposition. You can even play this game with water or soda if any younger guests want to join in.

Beer Pong-

This is one of, if not the most, popular drinking games for people play at parties. Set up 10 (or more if youíd like) cups the same way that bowling pins are designed, the 4-3-2-1 structure (they will look like a triangle made of cups). Fill the cups with water and try to throw a ping pong ball into as many cups as you can. You can also fill the cups with beer for those interested in doing so. If you make it into a cup, the opposing team has to drink the beer from the cup that catches your shot. There are many variations of the rules for this game, so just make sure your edition of the game is clearly established to all competitors prior to competition. Using cups featuring the two teams meeting in the Super Bowl is a fun twist you can add. Like any other game at your party, set up a tournament to see who is this yearís beer pong champion!

Beer Ball-

Want to show off your athletic prowess in a drinking game with friends? Well, beer ball is the game for you! Teams of two will be competing in this drinking game. You will need to place a cup of water in the center of the table, and an unopened can of beer upside down at each of the four corners of the table. One player on the team will throw a ping pong ball at one of the opposing playersí can and if the ball hits the can, his teammate will flip over the beer and start drinking. He/she will keep chugging until the opposing team gets the ball and drops it into the cup of water at the middle of the table. The opposing team will then get a chance to throw the ball. Each teammate will alternate throwing throughout the course of the game. The goal is for your team to have both cans completely empty by the end of the game. Keep in mind, the only time your partner can drink is if you hit an opposing teamís can and you must stop when the ball is placed in the cup of water at the middle of the table.

Kid's Activities:

The last thing anyone is going to want is some bored kids complaining about anything and everything under the sun. If they arenít young football fanatics, give them some craft materials to make some unique, football-related crafts. If all else fails, we hear coloring books are back in style. You can also include the kiddos in any of the gameday games you choose to do from the list above. Keeping the kids entertained and giving them something fun to do during the Super Bowl can be simple - just use some of these fun kid activities!

Now you know everything you need to know to have a one of a kind Super Bowl party. Remember get cheap Super Bowl decorations and save some money so you have more to spend on your food and drinks! All you have left to do is grab the remote, turn on the TV, make a plate of awesome food and get ready to cheer your favorite team to victory!