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Enhance Your Backyard Summer Barbecue

Party Supplies For Your Summer BBQ

Summer and barbecues are almost synonymous - you just canít have one without the other! Itís time to break out the bbq grill and invite your friends and family over to enjoy the bright skies, warm breeze, delicious picnic foods, and refreshing ice cold drinks. Most of your backyard barbecues or cookouts thrown in the past summers probably didn't have a theme with decorations, but who wants to attend a boring cookout without fun summer decorations that put people in the mood to party. Sure, you donít need go all out with outrageous summer party themes. But, there are still ways to add to your summer barbecue without spending time thinking of and coordinating a theme for your cookout.

Since almost all barbecues are usually held outdoors, there isn't as much decorating space as there would be inside. However, there is always on thing you can find at a barbecue...FOOD! And when thereís food, you need tables to display the delicious meal and of course, your guests need a place to sit to enjoy their meals.

Donít settle for a boring picnic table, easily enhance your backyard cookout by sprucing up your serving tables with colorful table table covers, table skirtings and table runners. You could coordinate solid colors for these items, or you could use a general summer pattern like flowers, grass, stars or sunbursts.

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Food is also accompanied by plates and napkins. Coordinate the colors of your barbecue tableware with a solid color scheme to enhance your entire table setting. Choose solid color tableware such as plates, napkins, and utensils that complement the color of your picnic table covers. If you want to spruce up your table setting for a bit more pizzazz, choose flower printed, striped patterned, fiesta-style or tie-dye plates and napkins. These patterns infuse a little color and creativity into your party without needing a theme.

Decorative Food Picks for Summer

Another entertaining addition to the food is food picks! Food picks can be added to desserts to signify flavors - like chocolate or vanilla cupcakes. They can also be added to finger foods for an easier way to get the grub without having to use a spoon or fork. Some non-theme options for food picks are flowers and frogs, along with the flavor signs.

You may want to stretch your summer barbecue decorating style beyond the tables and the food, and for that, balloons and whirls are always great for adding some extra flair to your party decorations. Honestly, what party doesn't have balloons? Tie the balloons around your tables, chairs, trees, and especially in your front yard so everyone knows where the party is at. Whirls are festive and can be hung from overhangs or covered porches, decks, or gazebos. Stars, suns, flowers, stripes, polka dots, butterfly, bumblebee and ladybug whirls are great options for summer.

If you do want a theme for your summer barbecue, but you donít want it to require much spending or planning, the rainbow theme may be perfect for you. A rainbow themed party is vibrant and exciting, and itís an ďanything goesĒ type of theme -- as long as you include a ton of color!

Whether you want general picnic decorations and tableware or would like to try the easy rainbow theme, check out what we have to offer at PartyCheap!