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Star Wars Party Ideas

Of all the movies made in 2015, no movie commanded more national attention than Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In terms of its release and financial totals, it currently holds 41 records (as of publication of this article). The newest Star Wars movie is now the highest movie in terms of domestic grosses (now over $812 million), leading second place Avatar ($760.5 million) by over $50 million! It has grossed more than any movie, even Titanic, a timeless American classic! A countless number of people were stoked to see this movie, some waiting outside the theater for over a week and a half to see this movie on opening night. With that in mind, itís no wonder that a Star Wars theme party has become, and remained, so popular.

Party Cheap has all the Star Wars party decorations youíll need for this party. The first thing youíll want to purchase is the Star Wars Episode VII Tablecover. Not only does it have all your favorite characters running along the side of it, but itís large enough to cover most standard sized tables. It measures 54 inches by 96 inches and can also be pinned, tacked or taped to the wall. Itís durable enough to handle any accidents that are likely to occur and is more than just a ďonce-and-doneĒ item. You canít go wrong with this Star Wars party decoration at your bash.

Looking for yet another outside of the box Star Wars party idea? Why not decorate your party area like one of the planets from the movie? Transform your party space into the home planet of Anakin/Darth Vader (Spoiler Alert for those still stuck in 1980) - Tatooine. Simply combine the Desert Sand Backdrop with the Desert Sky and Sand Backdrop and you have the sunny, desert planet you have come to know. Looking to mimic the frozen planet of Hoth instead? Check out the Snowscape Backdrop to take your party guests to one of the main settings of Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. Itís that easy!

What else are you going to need? You guessed it, Star Wars party plates. Once again, Party Cheap has your back. Go ahead and get yourself some Star Wars Episode VII Plates. You can choose between theStar Wars Episode VII Plates seven inch plates, the nine inch plates - or get both! Each package contains eight plates and there is one noticeable difference between the two sets, other than the size. The set of seven inch plates comes with two different designs, while the nine inch plates have just one style. If you get both, use the smaller plates for the snacks and save the larger ones for the delicious cake. Everyone wants a big piece of cake, right?

What party doesnít have balloons!? If there arenít balloons, can you really even call it a party? Click here to see Party Cheapís selection of Star Wars balloons. There are three characters; Darth Vader, R2D2 and the newest droid, BB8. The balloons measure 25 inches, 26 inches and 33 inches respectively. The balloons look just like their character and are sure to add some spark to the bash. You canít go wrong with any of these balloons, so go ahead and get all three in the collection. Once they are up, stop and take a selfie with some of your favorite, or least favorite, characters from the hit series. A new profile picture, I see.

Is this big bash youíre planning a birthday party for someone special in your life? If so, order the Star Wars Episode VII Birthday Candle Set. Not only is it the ultimate Star Wars birthday party idea, but it will make a great addition to the birthday cake. When ordering this set, you will receive a package with four candles. Chewbacca, BB8 and Darth Vader all have their own individual candle, while the fourth is a longer one that reads ďHappy BirthdayĒ. Your loved one will surely enjoy the cake experience with some of his/her beloved movie characters. This will be a birthday bash no one will ever forget.

Last but not least, donít forget an often overlooked Star Wars party supply. What might this supply be? The Star Wars Episode VII Beverage Napkins! Each package contains 16 two-ply napkins (all with the same Star Wars Episode VII Beverage Napkinsdesign) and each napkin is a perfect square measuring 9.75 inches on all four sides. Donít be fooled though, because these napkins can also be used with food. They are not exclusive to just beverages. However, if for some reason that might bother you, Party Cheap has Star Wars luncheon napkins available for purchase.

Do you know someone that is a Star Wars fanatic? If so, you may be asked to throw a party sometime in the near future. When that opportunity arises, take it and run with it! Run right to Party Cheapís website and get all your supplies. There are also Paper Masks available that would make for some creative, fun Star Wars party favors.