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Sports Themed Classroom

As a teacher, you always want to have a classroom theme that is indicative of either the material you are teaching or your personal interests. If you are a big sports fan, jazzing up your room with sports wall decor is the way to go! You can place decorations from various sports around the room, or just your favorite sport or team, but a sports theme classroom is an awesome choice for your teaching environment. PartyCheap has an abundance of sports decorations and you will be able to find everything you need right here! Without further ado, let’s get to talking about how to design the coolest sports themed classroom!

The simplest, yet still extremely good looking sports themed classroom idea is the Sports Pennant Banner. There are 12 pennants per string, with the entire banner measuring 12 feet long. The banner would be a great product to line the walls with, encompassing the entire room with sports images. Each pennant on the Sports Pennant Bannerstring features the following: Volleyballs, footballs, soccer balls, baseballs and basketballs. This is a great way to promote the overall sports theme and include five different sports on the banners that will surround your classroom. Not only are they easy to hang, but they are made of all-weather material. With that being said, when the school year is over, you can take these down and use them outside without worry of any weather-related harm to your favorite banner.

Another great product to go with are the Sports Cutouts.These durable, dual-sided cutouts are made from a cardstock material that will be sure to stand the rigors of a school year. Whether it’s baseball, basketball, football or soccer that’s printed on the cardstock, you will be able to place these anywhere in your classroom to showcase your love of sports. The cutouts range anywhere from 12-15 inches, making them easily visible to a student anywhere in the room.

For locations in your room other than the walls, the 3-D Sports Centerpiece would be a great choice to take the theme to your desk! The centerpiece has a creative 3-D design with a plethora of images of volleyballs, footballs, baseballs, basketballs and soccer balls. It measures nine inches, which is large enough to see and stand out, but not dominate what’s around it. Not only does it maintain the high quality you would expect for 3-D Sports Centerpiecethis type of item, but PartyCheap allows you to get it at an inexpensive price.

We also have Sports Whirls that would be ideal for hanging from desks, chalkboards, windows, etc. In addition to the generic whirls, there are also three sport specific whirls; Baseball, football and basketball. These decorations can be found by clicking here. As for the sports whirls, not only do they come with different sports on them, but they are very colorful, seeing as all of the metallic spirals are different colors. If you want clever ideas on what to do with certain aspects of your room, such as activities and games, follow this link.

There are plenty of decorations and supplies out there for your classroom, but PartyCheap allows you to decorate your room with high quality, inexpensive materials. There are plenty of sports themed decorations for you to check out here on the site, and the green ”Shop Now” button below will take you to where those items are located. Don’t limit yourself to just the decorations that were mentioned in this piece. Keep in mind that they are just suggestions, not guidelines or requirements. Go ahead, explore all the great options PartyCheap has to offer and have your room be the coolest in the whole school!