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Sports Birthday Party Ideas

A sports themed party is one of the most popular themes out there, especially among children. With the abundance of air time various sports receive on our televisions, it’s not even a question as to why sports have such a prominent impact on many people in the world. Athletes tend to serve as role models for children, and often these children find themselves trying to emulate their favorite player. Whether it’s baseball, basketball, football, soccer, hockey or any other sport you can think of, there has been some sort of party revolving around that athletic contest. PartyCheap has decorations for 10 different sports at a price that you are going to love!

Of the sports party supplies here at PartyCheap, the Sports Whirls are the first thing you’re going to want to have all around your party. When purchasing this, you will receive a package with five whirls measuring 40 Sports Whirlsinches long. These whirls include five different sports: Baseball, football, basketball, volleyball and soccer. Each whirl has a different colored spiral, which just adds to the excitement of this creative, yet inexpensive sports theme party decoration. If you wanted to focus on just one sport, PartyCheap has whirls specific to basketball, football and baseball.

PartyCheap’s Sports Pennant Banner is another great product to display at the location of your birthday celebration. In the package, you will receive one banner that is 12 feet long, and it has 12 individual pennants on the string. As for the pennants themselves, they measure 10 inches and are made from all-weather plastic. This product is completely suitable for an indoor or outdoor event, giving the product seasonal versatility! Each pennant is printed with volleyballs, soccer balls, footballs, basketballs and baseballs.

Regardless of whether you go with a broad sports approach or you focus on one sport, the Upper Deck Stadium Backdrop will add the effect that thousands of people are in attendance at the event! Since you will likely be having some sort of games being played at the party, put this backdrop near the gaming area so they feel as if they are playing in front of a packed crowd. It measures four feet by 30 feet and is made of a durable plastic. For a product of this size, you can’t beat the price and the quality you are getting. The backdrop is very easy to hang, because it can be hung by pins, tape and/or party stick mounting tape.

Another sports party supply is the Number 1 Trophy. This trophy will make for an ultimate party favor for your guests. It’s an inexpensive sports birthday party idea, that will leave all the party guests feeling like champions! The product stands almost nine inches high (including base) and is made of plastic with anNumber 1 Trophy eloquent, shiny gold finish. If you don’t want this to be a party favor, you can easily have the trophy be the prize for the winners in whatever competitions take place at the party. The recipients of this will leave the party like a true superstar, or even better, a champion! Regardless of whether your party is focused on one sport or just sports in general, the trophy will fit in perfectly.

If you are looking for even more sports themed birthday party ideas, click here. That link provides a lot of neat ideas about important aspects of the party. What are those you may ask? Well, along with sports decoration ideas, it provides ideas for invitations, activities, keepsakes, games, food, drinks, etc. There are a lot of great ideas in that piece, and the decorations here at PartyCheap will help you execute any ideas you find in that article or you come up with on your own. Click on the green “Shop Now” to see our extensive selection of sports party decorations!