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Spiderman Themed Birthday Party

Since the early 1960s, Spider-Man has grown from just a comic book hero to a famous, world renowned figure. Despite arachnophobia being one of, if not the most common phobia in the world, Spider-Man has become one of the most beloved figures out there. While most of his work is done fending off mutants and villains in New York City, let him come to the rescue at your child’s Spider-Man themed birthday party. PartyCheap has all the Spider-Man birthday decorations and supplies to help make this birthday bash one that will stick in the minds of all attendees! Even though it continues to be one of the more popular kids birthday party themes, there are countless ways to make your party stand above the rest.

When you start thinking about what Spider-Man birthday supplies you will want and need for the bash, it’s important to add the overall theme to anything you possibly can. This will give the celebration the extra kick it needs and let the youngsters think their favorite comic book hero is right there with them! To begin, PartyCheap’s Spider-Man Party Invitations are a great way to set the theme for the celebration, but the invitations are such high quality that it looks like he is about to jump right off the card! The package comes with a bunch of necessities, including: Eight postcard invitations, eight red envelopes, eight seals, and eight “Save the Date” stickers. Talk about getting a bang for your buck!

Spider-Man Paper MaskWhen your child’s friends arrive at the celebration, hand each of them a Spider-Man Paper Mask to wear whenever they want during the party. Is there any feeling that’s better than feeling like your favorite superhero? Not only will this mask serve its purpose, but it makes for a great party favor for each guest to take home with him/her. Another great party favor is the Spider-Man Blowouts. These small, yet powerful instruments can get pretty loud. Multiple people blowing these will simulate the busy streets of New York City that the superhero routinely protects.

The Spider-Man Scene Setter Wall Decal Kit is an awesome, inexpensive way to spruce up a room with Spidey. It will come with five total pieces, featuring three different designs. A horizontal banner saying “Happy Birthday” is a great method to celebrate your child with a creative, colorful, eye-catching banner. One of the vertical pieces has Spider-Man soaring through the air, which makes for a great photo spot. Taking photos in front of the Wall Decal Kit will not only provide you the opportunity to look back at this day at a later time, but it also makes for a nice gift to the parents of the attendees of the Spider-Man theme party.

All of the guests are going to be hungry after saving the day like their favorite superhero, so make sure there are plenty of Spider-Man Lunch Plates for little heroes to eat off of. These plates are durable and will be able to hold all the food that they will need. Eight plates come per package, with each square-shaped Spider-Man Lunch Platesplate measuring nine inches. With that being said, what exactly will be going on that plate? Well, you can put out chips, pretzels, mini-sandwiches, etc.

As you can see, there are plenty of Spider-Man birthday ideas out there, so it’s all about finding which ones you want to implement at your child’s birthday bash. PartyCheap has plenty of supplies and decorations that you will need, but at an extremely reasonable price. Your child will love the decorations just as much as the celebration itself, while the guests will thoroughly enjoy that, as well as the party favors that they get to take home with them. Your spider sense is tingling and it’s time to get started on this awesome birthday bash!