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Safari Party Ideas

Safari Party Ideas

Hold on tight, it’s going to be a wild ride! PartyCheap is ready to take your party on the wild side with it’s safari birthday party ideas. From backdrops to noisemakers and hats to tableware, PartyCheap has everything you need to make your next safari birthday party a little more barbaric! So everyone get ready, its going to get a bit bumpy and did I forget to mention, a tad uncivilized!

Before boarding the land cruisers, give your tourist a little taste of what their about to experience on their adventure. Take your guests deep into the Jungle Animal Propsgrasslands and deserts of Africa with safari decorations. Choose from the Inflatable Monkey, Inflatable Giraffe or Inflatable Zebra or choose all three for a fierce welcoming into the banda. Line the walls with a Desert Sky and Sand Backdrop or a Jungle Trees Backdrop. Fix up the backdrops using Tropical Props and Jungle Animal Props. Still unsure how to decorate your safari party? PartyCheap has safari decorating ideas to assist you in making your safari party intense and bold.

Safari Straw HatAs the hot summer sun beats down upon the grasslands and desert, the tourists gear up for what they are about to endure. Shade is sparse in the African lands so hats are a hot commodity for keeping cool. Safari pith hats are typically worn since they are lightweight. The hats are cloth covered and made of cork or pith. Pith is the sola of an Indian swamp plant. Each hat is designed to shade the wearer’s head and face from the sun. In order to keep each one of your guest cool and protected from the sun, supply Plastic Pith Hats and Safari Straw Hats. The time has finally arrived, let’s board the land cruisers! Hold on to your hats, it’s going to be a wild ride!

After all the bouncing around and animal sightings, each stomach roars as it waits for snacks and cake. Cheetah chips and animal crackers are great for kids birthday parties and don’t create much mess. Also, enjoy snake sandwiches served on Zebra Print Lunch Plates. Wash it down with jungle juice in the Pick Your Nose Party Animal Cups. Bring out the safari cake, now make a wish and use that lion roar to blow out those candles!

Send each guest home with a goodie bag for surviving your safari party! Load up the Cardboard Zoo Animals Treat Boxes with our safari party favors. Jungle Safari Photo PropFill each box with Assorted Neon Monkey Tattoos, Packaged Zebra Horns and Jungle Animal Masks. Before your guests exit the bungalow, set up a Jungle Safari Photo Prop so that they will also have a snapshot of their memorable safari adventure.

Having a safari themed baby shower? PartyCheap has pink and blue safari themed decorations to welcome the new little boy or little girl into the world. Jungle Animal Latex Balloons are perfect to display outside so those attending know where to find the party. Although there are complete sets of pink and blue tableware, mix’ em together for a gender reveal party! Cover the tables using both the Blue Baby Safari Shower Tablecover and the Pink Girl Safari Shower Tablecover. After the baby shower games are complete serve food on Blue Baby Safari Shower Plates and drinks in Pink Baby Safari Shower Hot/Cold Cups. Need more safari baby shower ideas? Crawl over to PartyCheap help you plan the perfect baby shower.

No matter the occasions, there is always time to celebrate! PartyCheap has so many safari party ideas that will help you get ready for you safari tour! Remember life is short, so get wild!