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Round Up the Best Supplies for Your Western Party

It’s the perfect season for a western party, and no matter what type of event, the western theme is an easy fit. Whether it’s a birthday, church party or school party, you can’t go wrong when you westernize it . . . and the decorations? They’re a blast.

Here are some western party supplies ideas to get you started with planning your party on the frontier!

  1. Backdrops - They are just so cheap and easy. You may not live in the western desert, but fortunately, with backdrops you can be anywhere you want to be! Desert Sky and Sand Backdrops, along with Red Barn Siding Backdrops, are great options for your party landscape. The backdrops are a great product to implement because they will really add to the scenery at your party. Transform your modern living room into the spitting image of a western saloon! When you start planning your party, the backdrop is the first thing you are going to want to purchase from PartyCheap.

  2. Western Background

  3. Banner & Signs - It really wouldn’t be a western party without a “wanted” sign, would it? Wanted Signs would be clever little additions to your party. Also, labeling the kitchen with a “Saloon” Sign and the bathrooms with “outhouse” signs gives you the opportunity to use the entire environment to suit your theme. A western bandana pennant banner would be another charming addition to your party scene. If you need more ideas on different types of signs and/or banners to put up, look up images of saloons to see what they have.

  4. Props - There are so many props you could use for a western theme, but a few of the favorites include Plastic Wagon Wheels, Inflatable Cactuses, and Wild West Town Props. Along with these, Photo Props are essential to the western theme and perfect for creating lasting memories of your party for yourself and attendees. Click the green "Shop Now" button at the bottom of this article to explore the extensive list of decorations PartyCheap has for this type of party.

  5. Pinatas - Pinatas are popular at western parties and they come in a variety of shapes! Guitar, Cowboy Boot and cactus pinatas are among your options. You can put candy in the pinata for everyone to enjoy upon its breaking, or you could think of other items to place in this pinata. If you decide to put one of these at the party, make sure it's away from where a lot of people are going to be. The last thing you will want is for someone to get hit in the head with the striking object.

  6. Accessories - Party goers may not come to your festivity in full western attire, but you can supply them with some simple party accessories upon their arrival. Cowboy Hats and vests are cheap accessories that take very little effort to put on -- perfect for a quick transformation! You'll also want to make bandanas available for everyone, as all the cool western people have them on! Check out everyone below, they all have them on! In short, for a quick and easy western transformation, get a cowboy hat, a vest and a bandana.

  7. Western Party Costume Accessories

  8. Tableware - These aren’t just your normal cups and plates. Plastic Cowboy Boot Cups and cow print plates and napkins add the final touch to your excellently decorated western party. Put a campfire centerpiece in the middle of the table and your party is complete! Everyone is going to want to enjoy a nice meal at a western-themed table before a square dance!

  9. Food & Drinks- Every hard workin’ cowboy and cowgirl needs to refuel with some food and drinks. Use our Plastic Ice Buckets to keep all the drinks cold. Label it “The Watering Hole”. If there are going to be both kids and adults have separate buckets for the adult and kids drinks. For the food, Label the table “Grub Central”. Have all your authentic Western food like fried chicken, Mac and Cheese, along with some fun finger foods. If you want some traditional, simple cooking recipes for country cooking, click here.

  10. Charity Event - If you are hosting a charity event and trying to look of ways to raise money, look no further. Have a jail set up somewhere around your venue. People can pay, like $2-$5, to place other people in jail. Then the person has to sit in jail for a designated time frame, like 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the amount of money given. If the person does not want to sit in jail, they can pay an amount to get out of jail! This is a fun way to raise money for a charity! Make sure you have someone taking pictures of those in jail. It will make for a memorable keepsake and a reminder of just how much fun this party was!

  11. Party Favors - Don’t let your cowboys go home empty handed. Give each cowboy and cowgirl a Metal Sheriff's Badge to wear throughout the party. Make sure they are also decked out with a cowboy hat. We also have gold favor boxes that can be filled with candy so the cowboy won’t be hungry when he gets home. After you plan a party everyone will enjoy, make sure you send them off with some party favors. Not only can they symbolize your thanks for them attending, but it gives him/her a little token of remembrance from that western-themed night.

Well, yee-haw party planners! Your western party is on its way to being a success! With all of this mind, click the green "Shop Now" button below to delve into the extensive selection of western decorations!