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Redneck Party Ideas

Hey y’all, are ya ready to party? Squeeze into those blue jeans, slide on the boots, hop in the truck and hit the dirt road! Round up the whole family and don’t forget about Aunt Peg and Uncle Joe. Remember family sticks together like guns and ammo! Head over to farm for a redneck theme party! PartyCheap will help Get R’ Done will all their redneck party ideas! Yee Haw!

Whether it's a redneck birthday party or just a family get together, PartyCheap has everything you need to make mama happy, cause if mama ain't happy, ain’t nobody happy! Well lets crank up the music and play Coonskin Capsome games! Get everyone warmed with washers and redneck corn hole! Instead of using regular corn hole board, make it yourself! Use two old tires from your local car dealer, spread them apart and get tossin’! Anyone up for a game of hillbilly horseshoes? Break out the plungers and take off all the toilet seats, sorry grandma! Ring that toilet seat around the plunger! Be the first to get a ringer! Now that everyone is all warmed up, get your teams together for hillbilly Olympics! Once the teams are gathered, start off with the watermelon seed spittin’ contest! Be careful grandpa, don't spit too hard, ya can't afford to lose another tooth! Next game; armpit fartin’ contest! See who can make the loudest farting nose with your armpit. I hope Uncle Dave remembered the possum! Play pin the tail on the roadkill! This wouldn’t be a redneck party without any moonshine! Next game, moonshine pong! Don’t let the relatives get too crazy, there are still more games to play! Get down on the ground and have someone hold your ankles. Now go, go, go! Make sure to beat your cousin in the wheelbarrow race! As the hillbilly Olympics come to an end, save the best game for last. The greased pig race! Line everyone up on the line, and on the sound of the gunshot, run as fast as you can to catch the greased pig! Whoever catches the pig, Wins!

Rain or shine, this redneck party will go on! In the mind of mountain men, rain means mud and mud means fun! Throw down a tarp and grab the dish soap, run and slide! Be careful ya don't wanna collide with mawCamo Lunch Plates and paw. On the other hand, if it isn't raining and it's 90 degrees out, take dip in the swimming pool. Line the inside bed of a truck with a tarp and fill it up with water. Well look at that, a swimming pool! If you do not have a truck, take an old tire and float down the crick or hold on tight to the rope swing and swing on in!

All these activities, have cousin Billy working up an appetite. While the chicken and burgers are cooking, serve bacon wrapped hot dogs as an appetizer. Use a wheelbarrow as a cooler and fill with drinks and ice for all! Serve the food buffet style, use Camo Lunch Plates and decorate the tables with beer and soda cans full of flowers. Need more redneck party theme ideas? Line the fence with red solo party cup garland. Hang a homemade bottle cap wind chime from the porch and listen to its beautiful chime as the wind blows. Lastly, don't forget to bring out the dessert! Make a white trash party cake for all your guest. Use Twinkies, ho hos, swiss rolls and cream pies and assemble into a cake. Your guest will love these tasty little treats!

As the day turns to night, gather all around for a bonfire. Make a toast to the day's festivities and family. Say Mason Jar Wine Glassto friends and family, “that they may not have it all together but together they have it all.” Raise your Mason Jar Wine Glass and cheers! Let the night come to an end while listening to Paw tell stories in his Coonskin Cap.

PartyCheap will make sure your party is kickin’! Anything from party decorations to party supplies, PartyCheap will Get R’ Done!