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Princess Party Ideas

Little girls dream about being a princess throughout most of their childhood. With all of the princess movies they watch and the fairy tales they listen to as they fall asleep, a happy ending is all they want. If you have a little princess and want her to have a happy ending at her next birthday, throw her a Princess Birthday Party. She deserves to have the royal treatment every other princess, so make this day unforgettable by following these decorating tips or creating your own based off of these ideas.

Princess Party Invitations

But before you start decorating, you need to make sure you send out Princess Party Invitations. These invites are perfect for a princess party. They consist of picture of Disney Princess' that appear to be proudly exclaiming that "you're invited!". Envelopes are included, but make sure you slip a separate note into the invitation asking if their daughter prefers pink or purple, who her favorite princess is and her favorite flavor of cake (these will come up again later). If you want, toss in some Fanci-Fetti. Once you have received all of the RSVP’s you can start decorating for your princess’s party.

Princess Decorations

Start off by lining your walkway with the Pink Carpet Runner. Once your daughter’s friends arrive, they will feel like princesses as they walk up to your door. Outside of the door, hang up the Blank Sign Banner. A few days before the event, you can use acrylic paint or permanent marker to decorate the banner. Write “Welcome to Princess (Her name)’s Royal Party” or “Welcome Princesses,” anything along those lines. The banner is made of all-weather material, so even if it is raining outside, you can keep the banner up. If you do not have a walkway towards the main entrance, you can also use the carpet runner in the main hallway and have the banner hanging up in the entry way. Also, line the hallway by hanging princess decorations. The Princess Pennant Banner would be perfect to drape on both sides of the hall and can be lined with Princess Whirls. Right before the entrance to the main room, hang up a Princess Cascade Hanging Column on either side of the entrance. Another option would be to use pink festooning and garland draped throughout the hallway. As the guests walk down the hallway, they will be fascinated by all of the pretty pinks, purples and princess castles.

Princess Scene Setter

If you want to decorate an entire room for your princess, one of the best options is the Princess Insta-Theme. This scene setter will turn your room into a beautiful meadow filled with animals, fairies, a handsome princess and beautiful princess. Your little princess and her friends will love this scene setter so much they will want to start playing right away. In order to have the entire scene you will need to put up the Sky Backdrop, Meadow Backdrop, Fluffy Cloud Props, Animal & Nature Props, Princess & Carriage Props, Prince & Trusty Steed Props and the Castle Prop. These are all of the main components of the Princess Insta-Theme. Of course, you don't have to include every prop and the props do not need to go on the backgrounds if you have a solid color wall you could tape them to instead. Also, you can add the Fairies & Friends Decals, Fairies & Flowers Peel N Place and the Flying Dragon Peel N Place.

Princess Photo Prop

These are not necessary for the scene setter, but they make it come to life even more. A plus with these peel n places is that they can go on your walls and windows without damaging them. You can even peel them off and move them somewhere else if you find a better spot. The peel n places are reusable as well, so you can take them down after the party and put them up in your daughter’s bedroom. The Princess Insta-Theme will cover approximately a thirty (30) by eight (8) foot section of a wall. If you do not have a solid area that you can cover, you can cut the backgrounds into sections and place them up throughout the one room or divide the scene setters into multiple rooms. Another alternative is to use the Castle Insta View, which is much smaller but still adds that feel of being in a fairy tale.

Princess Table Decorations

The table can either be extravagant or sweet and simple. In general, it would be nice to have a lot of extra space for you to present the food. Start off by covering the table in the Princess Tablecover (if this is not for a birthday party, you can use a pink or cerise tablecover) because even though you will have a room full of princesses, no one can guarantee how neat they are when they eat. Once you have laid down the tablecover, decide on a centerpiece. More than likely the table will be surrounded by little girls not over three to four feet tall, so you should not have anything too large as a centerpiece. Flowers would be beautiful, especially if you went with a smaller vase or bowl arranged with pink short-stemmed pink flowers. If you feel flowers are a bit too much or cost too much, you can use the Princess Centerpiece. This centerpiece has a graphic of a pink princess castle on both sides, so the girls are sure to love it. Even though this centerpiece is 15 inches tall, the top half is made of a foil spray so it will not block the view to the other side of the table.

Princess Tableware

To decorate around the centerpiece may seem like a challenge, but it is actually quite simple. Use a pink or white feathered boa and lay around the centerpiece, or down the center of the table. Also, use Princess Tiaras or even Embossed Foil Crowns to spread down the center of the table and as a final touch sprinkle confetti all over the rest of the decorations. As for the tableware, you will definitely want something that shouts princess, but nothing too expensive. Some stores offer Disney Princess plates, but not an entire princess tableware set. If you want to match the rest of the decorations, the Princess Party Tableware is perfect. Another option is the Fuchsia Tableware which will stand out from all of the other decorations. This tableware is also extremely sturdy and looks expensive without actually being expensive. As a special touch to the dinnerware, you can give each of the girls their own Plastic Party Goblet, or if you want just one for the princess.

Princess Table Decorations

For extra touches, you can tie bows around the backs of the chairs. Tulle is inexpensive and easy to work with. Just gather it up, wrap it around the back of the chair and make a bow. This will make the chairs look fun, yet formal and the girls will feel as though they are at a royal reception. If you want it to be formal make place cards or personalize ones that we offer. If you want to make them yourself, it is simple: take some cardstock (about 6 x 8 inches), fold it in half, use your best calligraphy skills to write each girl’s name and decorate them with Princess Stickers or an elegant stamp. If you do not have time to make your own place cards, try the small Treasure Chests. On the back of each chest is a white rectangle, which is perfect for writing down each girl’s name. Above the table, hang different size Princess Tissue Balls to substitute as a chandelier. You can also drape more pink tissue festooning and garland along the ceiling around the room and above the table to add more dimension and extravagance to the room. Once you have finished the table, you can move on to other areas in the house.

Princess Table with Tissue

Princess Dress-Up

Having a princess party is a great way to get all of your daughter’s friends together and have a dress-up party. You will want the girls to do this at the beginning of the party so they can be princesses all day. Now, where to have the girls dress-up? If the main room decorated with the Princess Insta-Theme is large enough for a table and an area for the girls to change, you can have the dress-up area in there, although the girls can dress up in any room you have available. Make sure to have the room decorated with any left over backgrounds, props or peel n places or put up some Princess Cutouts, which will take little to no time.

Next, you need to find a treasure chest fit for a princess. If you are crafty, you can make your own treasure chests out of cardboard or cardstock, but you can also make it easier on yourself a find a nice treasure chest online. We offer an Inflatable Princess Treasure Chest Cooler as well as a cardstock Princess Treasure Chest. Of course, the cooler can be used as a cooler, but you can also fill it with amazing princess treasure. Your little princess and all of her friends will be ecstatic when they see the cooler overflowing with Butterfly Beads, Pink party beads, Purple party beads, Royal Wands, Princess Tulle Skirts, plastic dress-up heels, clip-on earrings and any other princess accessory you think they would enjoy. After all of the girls raid the treasure chest for their princess attire, you will want your little princess to stand out on her special day, so give her a Princess Satin Sash to wear. It will make her shine and feel like royalty. Another option would be to give a sash to everyone, and give your princess a customized sash if you use the plain white Satin Sash.

Inflatable Princess Treasure Chest

Remember how you should include a note in the invitation asking what the guests’ favorite princesses are and if they prefer pink or purple? Well, this is when that information comes into play. When the guests’ parents RSVP to the event, ask them if their daughters can bring their favorite princess outfit or if they need to borrow one. Once you find out how many girls will need to borrow a princess outfit you will know what all you need to get. As for the color, to help make each and every one of your princess’s friends feel special get each of them their own Treasure Chest and place either a purple or pink Princess Tiara. When they open up the treasure chests you make their day.

What to Serve at a Princess Party

As the girls are running around in their dresses and jewelry you can start to set up the food. When it comes to deciding what you want to make consider your daughter’s favorite foods, but also consider simple food that won’t have you stressed out by the end of the day. You can easily make 10 peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and chicken salad sandwiches. Make them with white bread and find large or small cookie cutters in heart or star shapes. Cut the shapes out of the sandwiches and the girls will devour them. Keep these on the table on a nice platter, or even use an extra plate from your tableware.

To keep everyone healthy, vegetables and fruit are ideal especially if they are cut in special shapes. Pineapple is one of the best fruits to make shapes out of such as butterflies, hearts, flowers and stars. There are even some stores that specialize in fruit arrangements and might have a princess themed one. Also, dipping the fruit in chocolate is perfect for the princesses; they will feel as though they are eating decadent food suited for a princess. For drinks, pink lemonade or anything pink would be perfect.

Princess Dessert Ideas

One of the most exciting parts of the princess party is the dessert. Be as extravagant as you want with the food because the girls will never forget the dessert. Many local bakeries offer princess themed cakes and some have special Disney Princess cakes and cupcakes. But you can also test your creative abilities by making the dessert yourself. Some ideas are to make your own castle cake, frog cupcakes, princess cupcakes and princess cookies.

For the castle cake, use your imagination. Build up your castle with multiple layers of sheet cake in your princess’s favorite cake flavor. For the icing, use food coloring and make it pink or purple. You can customize it to your daughter or just make a simple castle. The frog cupcakes are very simple; bake normal cupcakes with any flavor of cake, cover the top with green icing (green food coloring) and finish them off with the Frog Cupcake Kit. The princess cookies are simple as well. All you need to do is bake regular sugar cookies and cut out tiaras, hearts, stars and shoes from the dough. Decorate them after they cool with icing.

As for the princess cupcakes there is bit more work to do. These will be personalized cupcakes for each of your daughter’s friends. Going back to the invitations, you asked what the girl’s favorite flavor or cake was and her favorite princess. Find out if the girls prefer white or chocolate cake and make enough cupcakes in each flavor (and some extra as backups). Cutout small cardboard circles with the same diameter as the tops of the cupcakes. After the cupcakes have cooled down, place them upside down on the cardboard. Use food coloring to dye white icing into the colors of the dresses of each princess the girls chose. Cover the cupcake in the colors and then, insert a Disney Favorite Moment Doll in each cupcake. The cupcakes will represent the bodies and dresses of each doll. The top half will stick out, so make sure to keep her top on. Give each girl a cupcake made with her favorite cake and princess. You can then either let them keep the dolls as favors or wash them off to reuse them.

Princess Games and Crafts

Now that your daughter and her friends have eaten enough sugary foods for the next week, you need a way for them to burn off some energy before their parents return to pick them up. In your main room, where the Princess Insta-Theme is, set up an area for the girls to pose with the Princess Photo Prop and play the Kiss the Frog Party Game. The photo prop is perfect for taking a picture of each girl and sending it to her when you send out Princess Party Thank You Notes; this will be another keepsake for her. The frog game will have the girls giggling forever. As the girls are playing around, clear the table of all the food and decorations but leave the tablecover on.

Princess Insta Theme

Set up a craft area for the girls to make their own party favors. Only have them do one craft at a time, or it might get a bit crazy helping everyone. The Foam Wand Decorating Kit and Princess Tiara Craft Kit are both great crafts for the girls to make. Another simple option would be to color princess coloring book pages. Each of your little princess’s friends will have something to take home to always remind them of the fun they had at your daughter’s party. Send everything home with them in the treasure chests you had their tiaras in. After today, there is no doubt your little girl will love you forever because you just gave her the best party she could ever imagine….well that is until her 16th birthday.