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Princess Party Centerpiece Ideas

Additional Items:

  • Pink Tissue paper
  • Tape

How To:

Create a simple, but fun and classy centerpiece for the Princess party! Begin first by taking the silver star gleam and burst centerpiece and taping or gluing the royal wand to it. Next, take two or three sheets of pink tissue paper and and place the centerpiece in the middle of the two pieces. Then pull the pink paper up around the silver centerpiece and tying a piece of pink curling ribbon around the middle of the paper like the picture. Take the remaining long ends of purple ribbon and curl them with scissors. Lastly, take the white boa and wrap it around the outside of the centerpiece for the finished centerpiece decoration! Balloons can be added simply by getting white, pink and purple balloons and filling them with helium. Next tie curling ribbon to the tied balloons and tape them to the bottom of the silver centerpiece then re wrap the tissue paper around the centerpiece and add the bow.