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Pirate Party Ideas - How to Decorate for a Pirate Party

Weathered Pirate Flag

Ahoy and shiver me timbers! (Hello and an excited greeting in Pirate-speak) So, you want to know how to decorate for a pirate party and are looking for some pirate party ideas for you and your crew. Well fortunately we have lot of pirate ideas and pirate gear for you to decorate and create an entire pirate party theme. Pirate theme parties have always been popular but with the hugely successful Pirates of the Caribbean film series by Disney (featuring the dreamy Johnny Depp) the pirate party theme has taken off to record levels with pirates of all ages. From pirate birthday parties, to company Halloween Pirate parties, to just being silly on International Talk Like a Pirate Day, pirate parties are only limited by your ideas.

How to throw a Pirate Party

What we have found in our years of helping people plan their pirate parties is that typically pirate parties are broken into three categories. First, the pirate birthday party for children, the scary pirate Halloween party, and the fun drinking pirate party for adults and the college aged gang. Of course, however you decided to celebrate being a pirate is up to you. Here are some helpful tips and ideas on how to throw a pirate themed party.

Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

What is it about being a pirate that makes it so desirable to little children, especially boys? The adventure, the big ships, the cool swords and guns? Whatever the draw, the pirate themed birthday party is always a popular birthday theme. Don’t just have a plain birthday party. Have a pirate birthday party! We recommend you set the tone for the party by sending out pirate party invitations to all of your guests. You may want to put a note in the envelope that they are encouraged to dress up like a pirate or let the parents know that you will be providing pirate apparel for them as part of the party.

Jointed Pirate Ship

The classic black and white colors of a pirate flag are a recurring theme through the majority of the pirate decorations and can be found on the pirate paper plates and napkins which match the pirate invitations. We also have a set of pink pirate plates that are very popular with girl pirate birthday parties. While we are talking about plates and napkins make sure you pick up a plastic pirate tablecover that has lots of details on it including buried treasure and sailing ships. It instantly sets your table in a pirate theme and as an added benefit it makes it easy to clean up spilled pirate birthday cake. We also suggest that you can use the pirate flag cutout as an individual place mat for each guest in addition to using it as a pirate flag wall decoration.

Set a treasure chest in the center of your table and fill it with small presents or pirate loot to create the look of real pirate booty. We have dozens and dozens of pirate decorations for birthday pirate themes. It you really want to impress the pirate birthday party crew why not go all out and use the Pirate Scene Setter to cover your walls from top to bottom in a pirate beach scene. Now that you have set the birthday table and walls in pirate motif what are you going to do with a bunch of sugar-induced pirates running around in your home? Keep them busy with games like the Pirate Treasure Map which is basically an updated version of pin the tail on the donkey for pirates. The enclosed pirate blindfold makes it look like they are wearing an eye patch and it is very easy to play with minimal adult supervision.

Gold Bar Decorations

We also have fun pirate accessories like the pirate treasure chest map which you can use as part of a game or hand them out in the Pirate Loot bags along with one of our very popular inflatable swords. (Just be prepared to have a full-on sword fight in your living room once each child gets his or her sword inflated) Another great activity is to give each party guest their own mini pirate treasure chest that they can accessorize with pirate stickers and skulls.

Finally, each child can dress up like a pirate with one of our pirate masks or many styles of pirate hats. They can even create their own treasure chest magnet with the pirate craft kit which kills two birds with one stone by giving them a treasure chest to use and at least another 15 minutes of activities to keep them busy! Another great pirate birthday party activity is to have them assemble the Treasure Chest Craft Kit which includes everything you need to give each child their own treasure chest to build and decorate. (This should keep them busy for at least a good 20 minutes) Finally, we suggest picking up a pack or two of temporary Pirate Tattoos. They are easy to apply and can be used as part of a pirate birthday game or use them as part of a party pack.

Adult Pirate Party Ideas

Why let the kids have all the fun? Throw your own adult version of a pirate party for work, for Halloween, or as just a fun drinking party theme. You can go two routes when planning an adult pirate party, go “pirate scary” or “pirate funny”. Either way, due to the fact that it is an adult pirate party you will need some pirate mugs or pirate skull goblets to serve your fellow pirates their daily ration of rum. If beer or ale is you choice of pirate beverages you may want to check out the giant inflatable pirate ship cooler which you can fill with ice then throw in a couple cases of beer before the pirate party gets rocking.

Pirate Hook Hand

This pirate ship cooler can be used inside or outdoors. We have even had some customers tell us that they have used this cooler, in their pool while filled with ice and beer! Pirate mugs are also suitable for serving up your favorite pirate beverage. If you want to dress up for a pirate party we have everything you need to dress up in our pirate apparel category. If you waited until the last minute and need a quick and easy pirate costume we recommend the plastic pirate vest and a paper pirate hat. You may not be the best dressed pirate but you now have an official pirate costume for under $3! If you really want to impress your pirate party revelers go upscale and pick up the Caribbean Pirate Hat with built in dreadlocks to give you that Johnny Depp look from Pirates of the Caribbean.

The Pirate Accessory Set includes all of the pirate essentials including a pirate belt, boot toppers, eye patch, gold earring and skull head scarf. We also offer our deluxe Adult Caribbean Pirate Costume that is great for adult pirate parties or Halloween. In fact, that’s what’s great about pirate party apparel, you can often find ways to use it more than once. Anytime you need to dress up for anything, you can always go as a pirate. No matter what kind of pirate party supplies you need we've got you covered right here at!