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Argh, Mateys!
So, You Want to Have a Pirate Birthday Party?

Pirate Party Table Decorations

Pirate parties are always a hit with kids. They are especially popular for boys’ birthday parties. Sure, your basic balloons, party streamers and cake decorations are fine for any ordinary party if your 10-year-old child prefers to sit back and enjoy classical Mozart while sipping on a glass of soy milk. But what are the chances of that happening? I think we can all agree that boys will be the chaotic boys we know them to be and what better way to let them celebrate and enjoy their birthday by throwing a pirate themed birthday party. It’s not only a great birthday theme, but a perfect way to tire out those rowdy kids.

Hmmm….Where to start? There are so many party decoration options when it comes to pirate themed birthday parties, but don’t worry, below are a few ideas that will really set your birthday adventure apart from little Jeffrey’s birthday party that you attended a month ago.

Set the Scene for a Pacific Adventure

Whether you want the party setting to be on pirate ship or do you want it on a beach? Either location offers many options. The pirate ship backdrop and beach backgrounds are equally simple and appealing, just tape or tack them up and your son and his little mateys can have their own birthday adventure searching for buried treasure or sailing the high seas like Jack Sparrow.

Turn one side of the room into a pirate ship so your scoundrels can swab the deck while they spend their hours on the open sea seeking out their next landing in search for the motherload. Equip your pirate ship with the proper ammunition of cannons and cannonballs to fend off any competing pirate ships. Don’t forget the jointed pirate skeletons and a 5 foot tall jointed anchor. Also, add a ship wheel to your captain’s pirate ship to complete the whole ensemble.

Land ho! After sailing the big ocean blues, it’s time shake off those sea legs and rest on the warm sunny island. Tack up the beach and ocean backdrops to any room and fill the walls with palm trees, fighting pirate figures, and island wall decorations. Give those rowdy mates a pirate hideaway props, perfect addition to any beach backdrop.

Dueling Pirate Bandit Party Decorations Pirate Hideaway Prop

Take the Scene One Step Further with Pirate Props!

Bury the treasure for your little pirates or hide these treasure chest boxes throughout your home or party room. Fill them up with plastic gold coins and plastic gold or silver bars. Speaking of treasure chests, an inflatable treasure chest cooler serves two purposes -- a fitting prop and a container for nice cold beverages!

Add to the treasure chest decor with a treasure chest stand up so all the birthday party attendees can pose behind their new found treasure. Display a treasure map as an added photo prop. Blimey! A captain is not complete without his own parrot (don’t worry moms - these DO NOT squawk), add some plastic feathers parrots to the photo prop mix for lasting memories.

Gear Up For Your Birthday, Lil Pirate

Pirate Party Hats and Accessories Pirate Party Costume Accessories

Your little pirate and his friends are going to need some accessories worthy of swarthy raiders, and where else would you start but with the classic pirate hats? These hats can be paper or felt, and they act as the perfect party favors along with eye patches and inflatable pirate swords. If you really want to get the boys into the act, pirate masks might do the trick!

More Pirate Decorations

Pirate Ship DecorationsOther items that will make this pirate party worthy of open seas bandits are parrot whirls -- a foolproof hanging decoration -- and, balloons! But, not just any balloon; pirate skull balloons and jumbo pirate ship balloons are what these buccaneers needs to make this party complete. These balloons can be kept in place with treasure chest or ship’s helm balloon holders.

And, if your buccaneers get thirsty? They’ll need proper skull mugs to drink from! Or keep it simple with patterned tableware such as pirate plates, napkins, and paper cups (plus, the clean up is a breeze).

These items and many more can be found right here at PartyCheap. We hope your pirate party goes swimmingly.