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Take the Plunge - Pool Party Tips and Ideas

Fun & Informative

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  • Take the Plunge - Pool Party Tips and Ideas

    Take the Plunge - Pool Party Tips and Ideas

    Get Ready for a party by the pool!

    11 Tips for a Successful Pool Party

    1. Have extra towels for guests who forget their own.
    2. Provide a changing area and a place for party goers to leave their clothes.
    3. Provide shade for those who prefer to stay out of the direct sun.
    4. Have extra sun block on hand.
    5. Have extra sunglasses for guests who forget theirs.
    6. Have insect repellent available, just in case.
    7. Plastic is best for serving refreshments, avoid glass around the pool!
    8. Provide tables, trays and flat surfaces so your guests have a place to put their food and drink.
    9. Lots of inflatable pool toys in the pool.
    10. Assign someone to be your DJ to make sure the music keeps playing and is appropriate.
    11. Use waterproof tape to let guests know how deep the water is.

    Pirate Themed Party

    Set the theme from the beginning with treasure map invitations. Create a map of the area, X marks the spot at the pool's location. Don’t forget to include a compass rose and mark distances in paces along with the usual party information like the date, time and guest of honor's name.

    If you’re hand delivering the invitations, roll them up and wrap with a pirates eye patch or skull and crossbones bandana. Planning to hand delivering your invitations? Roll them up inside plastic “grog” mugs or bottles and include fun accessories like temporary pirate tattoos, plastic treasure coins or gems.

    A pirate themed party begs a red and black theme. Be sure to use pool-friendly items as decor. Inflatable swords, hooks, pirate ships and red and black beach balls in the pool keep the pirate fun going. Jolly Roger flags look great hanging from a fence, pavilion or porch roof. Use inflatable treasure chest and pirate ship coolers for your refreshments and be sure to include a few inflatable palm trees around the pool.

    Plastic telescopes, gold coins and gems, eye patches and pirate themed playing card decks are just a few great party favors to send home with your guests.

    Rock ‘N Roll Pool Party

    The 50’s were a classic time and a 50’s themed pool party is classic fun. 50’s music is a must to get your guests into the Twist. Place pool towels for guests in shades of black, white, pink and turquoise around to help get the 1950’s soda shop feel. Inflatable jukebox coolers, stick on mutton chops and cats-eye sunglasses for your guest will have everyone bopping in no time.

    Serve classic 1950s foods like fondue cheeseburgers, French fries, milk shakes, and malts.

    Hawaiian Luau

    A Luau is one of the most popular pool party themes, decorating is easy and inexpensive. Ask your guests to wear their brightest Hawaiian print shirts and give each a lei and grass hula skirt as they arrive (or include a lei with your invitation)

    A soundtrack of jungle sounds playing in the background, inflatable palm trees and tropical bird and flower cut outs, centerpieces and blow-ups, Tiki torches and Tiki totem poles set the mood.

    Plastic coconut cups to sip from while cooling down with a woven fan will transport your guests to their own pacific island. A kiddy pool filled with sand is a nice touch for those that like to bury their toes.

    Pineapple chicken or ham are great dishes to serve, or treat your friends and family to an authentic pig roast.