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Paper Lantern Fish

Party Cheap Items:

Pink Paper Lantern

Light Green Paper Lantern

Additional Items:

  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Construction Paper

How To:

Start by opening the paper lanterns. Then make the eyes, lips, and tails. To make the eyes make a bigger white circle, then a smaller black circle. Glue the smaller black circle towards the bottom of the white circle. For the lips, cut out heart shapes, then make a line in the paper lantern to insert the pointy end of the heart. Tape the end inside of the paper lantern so that it is secure. To make the tail, draw a swoosh. Once again, cut a line in the paper lantern and tape the end of the tail inside. Secure clear string or fishing line, to the top of the paper lantern so that it can be hung up on the ceiling. Try to hang the fish at different lengths to make it more interesting. The guest will feel like they are swimming with the fish.

Paper Lantern Fish