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Music Party Ideas

Music is a part of all our lives. Whether someone listens to music in the car or goes all out in the shower, it’s almost impossible to go a full day without hearing some sort of melody. With this in mind, it’s understandable that someone wants a music theme party!

Before you can play the music at your event, you have to first figure out what the birthday guy/girl enjoys. Once complete, make sure that type of music is playing. You will also want to get matching music decorations. For any music birthday party, having decorations match the preferred genre will only add to the aura of the event. PartyCheap has an extensive list of decorations that are great for specialized genreBlack Plastic Musical Notes parties. We also have decorations that make the perfect music themed birthday party. The Black Plastic Musical Notes is a great product to hang -or scatter - around your venue. Each package comes with seven plastic musical notes. Each note features designs that are black and stand approximately 13 inches high. The designs of the notes really jump out at you, making them much more than just a printed musical note.

If you are having music play from a speaker, get creative and hide the speaker. Place it behind the Inflatable Jukebox to confuse the guests of where the tunes are coming from! By doing this, you are sure to get plenty of comments asking where the music is coming from. For being an inflatable item, it looks like the real deal. It measures 32 inches by 16 inches by 5 feet, so it will easily command a lot of attention from the guests. Put some lights around it to brighten it up and give it even more of an authentic feel!

When music is playing, it’s impossible to not sing along. Order some Inflatable Microphones for the guests so they can join in on the fun! There are different colored handles, but specific colors cannot be requested. However, ordering enough will ensure a variety of colors for your guests to choose from. You could use them as a game prize, or you could make them a pivotal part of the game. A great party for this type of Inflatable Microphonebirthday bash would be a lip syncing contest! Each person can pick their favorite song and lip sync in front of everyone. It will be as if they were performing in front of thousands! To make things interesting, you could possibly establish a rule saying that songs from the top 100 are the only ones eligible for performances. Here is a link to the billboard hot 100.

The Musical Notes Tablecover is another great music themed birthday party supply. It measures 54 inches by 108 inches, so it’s big enough to cover most rectangular tables. The tablecover itself is white, with black musical notes printed all over it. Not only does it look great, but it also helps protect your table from any accidental spills or mishaps. Don’t limit its use to just the table though! Go ahead and hang it up on the wall for a cheap, innovative backdrop for photographs!

Depending on the age of the birthday boy or girl, you may have a few different music birthday party ideas. If the person is younger, click here. If the person is older, go ahead and add any sort of drink or game that goes along with the preferred music. This is sure to be a fun, unique party, especially since you won’t have to empty the wallet completing such a task!

There are plenty of music party ideas out there, you just have to pick which ones you want to use. Once you have the ideas, the supplies here at PartyCheap will help you carry out those ideas! So go ahead and check them all out by clicking the green “Shop Now” button just below here. Without further ado, go explore everything that is available here on the site!