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Mike (Monsters Inc.) Paper Lantern

Party Cheap Items:

Additional Items:

  • Construction paper (pink, black, white, black, green)
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Glue and tape

How To:

To create this adorable Mike Monsters Inc. Paper Lantern for a child's party simply order our green paper lanterns, constructions paper, pipe cleaners, glue and tape. To begin first assemble the green paper lantern following the instructions on the package. Next begin to to make eyes with the white and black construction paper. Cut shapes of circles in both the white and black paper circles. Make sure that the white circle is bigger than the black. Glue the smaller black circle onto the white circle and then tape it on the center of green lantern. Next cut a half moon shape of black construction paper. Then cut a squiggly pink line to follow along the inside of the half moon shape that you cut out of the black construction paper.

Then glue the pink squiggly shape to the top of the black construction paper that you cut for the mouth and tape it below the eye on the green paper lantern. Next take two pieces of green construction paper and cut two arms and two legs. Using a ruler to keep them straight if you need to and shape the hands and feet like the fingers and toes pictured below. After the green legs and arms are cut out tape pipe cleaners to the back of the arms cut holes in the sides of the green lantern and put about an inch of the arm in both sides and securely tape them in the inside. For the legs simply take about a half an inch on both and bend them over the wire at the bottom of the lantern and securely tape the folded over section and tape it to the back. You can use the fishing wire that comes in the paper lantern package and you can use to hang it.

Monster's Inc. Paper Lantern