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Medieval Party Ideas

Herald Trumpet Cutouts

Here Ye! Here Ye! Recreate a time of daring knights and beautiful princesses by holding your very own medieval themed party. We’ve put together an exciting list of occasions where you might require this familiar yet unique party theme. It’s the kind of theme your guests will really love taking part in and it's an excellent party choice for people of all ages.

Children are always extremely eager to join in a medieval themed party if they’re asked to dress in costume. And this party idea is really ideal for kids because there’s an endless amount of ideas for medieval activities and favors for them to enjoy. Adults can also indulge in some pretend play and wear colorful costumes with a medieval party. Plan a feast for your friends and family or use the medieval theme idea to arrange a renaissance wedding reception. From interesting ideas and uses for medieval decorations to festive food suggestions, we’ve got it all.

Medieval Birthday Parties

Does your little boy wish he could be a brave night like in the fairy tales? Is your little girl entranced with being a beautiful princess? Then you might want to consider planning your child their very own medieval themed birthday party. With a little help from us, it’s easy to do. We carry tableware, banners, paper cutouts, backdrops, hats, favor boxes, and even a few costumes.

Knights Adventure Party


Little boys will probably enjoy a medieval party theme idea with a lot more dragons and a little less emphasis on princess. That is why we also carry a supply of medieval party decorations perfect for any white knight-in-training. Pick up a couple packs of the knight masks and help your child create an original medieval party invitation. On the back of each mask include a date, time, and place for your knight party and tape a gold plastic coin at the bottom. Indicate for them to wear their mask and bring the coin when they arrive for the party to receive their knight’s gear.
Plastic Medieval Vest

Have a supply of inflatable shields and swords blown up and placed in the inflatable treasure chest cooler. But before they receive their knight sword and shield, have them slip on a medieval vest. Each one is made from a thin, flexible fabric and comes with attached ties to adjust for different sizes.

Once every knight is wearing is “armor,” lead them into the “castle” to partake of a medieval banquet. If you have lots of wall space or can set up the party in a finished basement, cover the walls in an authentic-looking stone wall backdrop. It will instantly transform a modern room into a medieval hall, especially if you tape some medieval crest cutouts to the stone walls.

Create a grand entrance to your hall by hanging two 6 foot suit of armor cutouts on either side of the door with a gallant-looking knight’s armor display peel n place above the doorway. Set down an inexpensive red carpet runner to make them feel like they’re entering a grand hall. The next detail is to have a long table set up in the center of the room for eating. To really make your table look like a medieval banquet, cover it in a weathered wood plastic cover.

Next, you’ll want to set out some “pewter” table settings. We suggest using our silver tableware like: paper plates, napkins, and plastic utensils. As for the food, make up a menu of semi-authentic medieval finger foods. Serve things like roasted chicken legs, chunks of meat and cubes of cheese arranged on wooden skewers, bread bowls filled with macaroni and cheese, and chunks of fruit (apples, oranges, grapes) with a side dish of fruit dip. For a memorable pint of punch, mix up some apple juice with ginger ale or club soda and serve it up in a plastic crown goblet. When the food is gone, move onto some fun activities like a scavenger hunt or a dragon egg hunt using plastic Easter eggs filled with candy.

Royal Princess Party


Create a fantasy land of pink and purple for your little princess on her next birthday. Decorate her party with princess balloons in pink and purple, dangling pink metallic princess whirls hanging from the ceiling, and a matching princess pennant banner strung as a ceiling border. Send a pretty princess party invitation to all of her friends to invite them over to your “castle” for a very special royal birthday party.
Plastic Princess Party Goblet

Close up the envelopes with a “royal seal” like the princess stickers. Make sure you include a message that encourages the girls to come dressed in their best princess apparel, like: dresses, tiaras, and wands. When they arrive for the princess party, greet them with a set of pink or purple butterfly beads to wear with their princess costume. Cover your tables in pink or purple plastic table covers and write each girls’ name on a princess treasure chest filled with a princess hair accessory and a charm bracelet. Place a princess activity set at each place setting so the girls can color and play games while the remaining guests arrive.

When it’s time to eat, have each girl take their princess plate to the buffet table covered in a beautiful princess table cover. Some princess party food ideas could include tiny tea sandwiches with fillings suited to the age of the girls attending, a platter of bright fruits (strawberries, peaches, grapes, and oranges), dip one end of a pretzel rod in icing and roll in pink and purple sugar crystals to make fairy wands, and of course a gorgeous princess cake or cupcakes for dessert. But make sure you’ve set out plenty of princess lunch napkins to wipe off any sticky fingers.

And don’t forget to brew up a batch of princess punch. Something simple like your daughter’s favorite juice mixed with club soda and topped with some frozen berries. Fill up plastic princess party goblets that can be rinsed out and taken home. If you need some cheap princess activities, have the girls make their own wand and tiara with a foam wand decorating kit and a princess tiara craft kit. These will keep them busy until the party is over and make great favors. When parents start to show up, make sure you give each girl a princess canvas bag to carry all her goodies home.

Medieval Feast

Craving giant turkey legs and mugs of frosty ale? So, why not get gather up your friends and family to create a medieval feast fit for a king. Decorate your dining area with an emphasis on the traditional golden fleur de lies, line your walls with 6 foot tall suit of armor cutouts, put a cardstock 3-D wall torch with flame between the suits of armor, or hang festive medieval pennant banners along the ceiling.

With a few simple and cheap decorative items you can instantly transform any room into a medieval banquet hall. If you have access to a large open space, like a community center or a house with an open floor plan, those types of places are ideal for a medieval feast where you’re entertaining a lot of folks.

Jointed Castle Tower

Serve up your medieval menu as family style or as a buffet on long tables. If you need to, you can rent some plastic folding tables and cover them in our weathered wood plastic covering. Just cut it to meet the dimensions of your tables and throw it away when the feast is over. To save even more clean-up time and money, pick up some gold tableware. Medieval foods can consist of things as simple as chicken wings, potato pancakes, cider, chicken pot pie, and chocolate dipped fruit. However, if you want to add some authenticity to your menu include roasted turkey legs, mince pies, fruit pies, savory tarts, and shepherd’s pie. And don’t forget the ale and wine, which was always a staple at any medieval feast. Have each guest poor their brew of choice into a plastic golden goblet which they can take home to remind them of your memorable feast.

Medieval Dungeon Halloween Party


Searching for a truly scary theme idea for your Halloween party? Use our medieval dungeon decorations to transform your party into a full-fledged dungeon party or use them to create a themed room in a haunted house. You can host this type of party in your home, basement, community center, or school gymnasium. We recommend starting with a Dungeon Insta-Theme to start off your decorations. An insta-theme consists of rich, colorful images printed on thin sheets of plastic. All you do to decorate with an insta-theme is tack it onto your walls with tape or pins. Once you have the background in place, in this case a stone wall with a dirt floor, you then attach additional props to the backdrop to create your dungeon scene.
Executioner Props

You have a choice of spooky dungeon dweller props with glowing eyes behind rusty bars, a transparent spider web border, and a scary executioner with his very own dangling skeletons. Once again, just attach them to your backdrop with clear tape. We do carry a few other props that have an adhesive already applied. With those products simply peel and place on the backdrop, no tape required. Now, if you want to create an extra spooky entrance to your dungeon, hang up haunted door covers on all the doors. Add a 3-D wall torch and a 6 foot cutout suit of armor on either side of the doors to give an even more realistic look to your dungeon entrance. When guests arrive, greet them with your plastic executioner’s ax and order each person to get in the medieval stockade photo prop.

This creative, inexpensive activity gives you a chance to really involve your guests in the theme of your party. And it’s so easy to just set up on a tabletop. Plus, it will give each person a fun picture to keep from their fateful trip to your dungeon room. These are just a few of the imaginative ideas you can use to create your very own medieval party. And with all of the exciting medieval decorations found on our website you’ll definitely be able to come up with a few medieval party ideas of your own.

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