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Mama Mia!
Italian Pizza Party

Chef DeLightful

Ciao Amico! Trying to think of fun ideas for your son/daughter's birthday party? Well look no further, have an Italian Pizza Party. It’s perfect because what kid doesn’t love pizza and being with friends! Pizza is a popular party food item, especially since younger children seem to be obsessed with it. And older ones, too! With that in mind, an Italian pizza party is a great party theme!

Bon Appetit!
Kids love to devour the pizza right out of the oven, but they probably have never made one before. So for some fun activity at the party have the kids make their own personal pizzas. The children can add any toppings that they want and make the pizza just the way they like it! Make sure you have plenty of toppings, including but not limited to: cheese, pepperoni, sausage, bacon, beef, anchovies, pineapple and ham. You could always hand out awards to the person makes the best tasting pizza, craziest combination, etc.

The kids will love to throw the dough up in the air to make the circular shape just like the real Italians do it. Make sure they look

Chef Hat

official with a true Chef’s Hat and every Italian has a nice quality Mustache to complete any outfit! Remember the old saying; look good, feel good, cook good! The youngsters will love their pizza, but they will appreciate even more, seeing as they made it themselves! It will be a rewarding process for the party guests, and surely one they will never forget.

If you really want to make an impression on your guests, have a Pizza Boss 3000 to cut your pizza. There is no messing around with this machine. Its powerful blade can cut through any kind of thick pizza! The Pizza Boss 3000 is made of stainless steel and industrial-grade plastic. Hey parents, it's even extremely easy to clean! The blade has a removable shield for easy clean-up! All of your guests will love to see this powerful saw go to work on their pizza! It really is the best way to cut the large pie into four, six or eight equal-sized pieces.

Delizioso Decorations!

Start off your decadent decoration by placing our Plastic Gingham Rectangle Tablecover. Then place our Pizza Lunch Plates down at every seat. What could possibly be better than eating hot pizza off a plate that looks like a pizza? Sprinkle some of the Pizza Party Confetti down the table along with some of our Red and Green Party Beads. Once the kids are done eating they can pick up the party beads and wear the authentic Italian colors throughout the party. Hang up the Italian Whirls Hanging Decorations above your table

Pizza Plate

along with our Red, Green and White Flutter Balls. If you are looking for some quick decorations, check out our Italian Decorating Kit that has different decoration products.

Don’t forget about your door and walls! We have different Italian cutouts that you can choose from. I would recommend having Chef DiLightful attend your party. Use the Italian Figure Cutouts and Italian Cutouts to decorate the rest of your venue. Make sure all of your guests know what is on the menu with the help of our Italian Menu Board. You can easily write on this board the delightful food being served at the party. If you grab two, you could always put one on the front door. That way, your guests know what to expect when they step into your home. Drape the Red, White and Green Crepe Paper along the ceiling to add a nice finishing touch to the party.

Italian Menu Board

Make sure the guest can easily find your party venue. Hang up the Viva Italia Banner on the front door to welcome your guests into Italy. A neat thing to do would be to write what's on the menu on the banner that will be on the front door. You can also tie some Red, White and Green Balloons to the mailbox as well! It's important that people know where the party is located.

Enjoy your authentic pizza and have fun celebrating the special occasion! When it comes to this type of party, get your supplies right here at PartyCheap. We know how to party!