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Luau Pool Party

What better summer theme party idea than a Luau pool party? If you have a pool in your backyard, you’re at a huge advantage, but if you don’t, no worries, because you can spruce up the inside of your house to give it the watery feel! Pool party themes can be the most fun to pull off, but without the right materials, the party won’t have the authenticity it needs and deserves. That’s where PartyCheap comes in! You can get all the supplies you need right here, as well as some Luau decoration ideas. Without further ado, break out the leis and the hula skirts, because it’s time to get this show on the road!

What’s a Luau theme party without leis? Go ahead and order Assorted Soft Twist Poly Leis for this festivity. This package of leis is sent with 12 items per box, varying in different colors. For colored leis, you can getAssorted Soft Twist Poly Leis (sold 12 per box) each lei at 32 cents. Purchases must be in quantities of 12, but regardless, 32 cents per lei is an absolute steal! They are made of a plastic poly material, so they will have a nice cosmetic appearance to others, while being comfortable for the individual wearing them.

This product is for the ladies out there, but the Deluxe Raffia Hula Skirt is a great way to make the guests feel like the hula dancers you see in Hawaii! The skirt is sized at 32 inches around the waist by 30 inches long and is made of raffia, giving the skirt an authentic look and feel. While this version is the adult size, there is a child’s size, in case you want to give your child a fashionable hula skirt to wear. If you want the skirt to pop more, then go ahead and order colored hula skirts from right here at PartyCheap!

Another product to implement at your party is the Bamboo Tiki Table Torch with Candle. You have some flexibility with this product, because there are a multitude of different places to put this piece. It can be placed Bamboo Tiki Table Torch with Candleat the table where the food is, a centerpiece for all tables or as lighting fixtures lining walkways. It is made of real bamboo and very easy to put together. If you didn’t want to go with an actual candle, PartyCheap also has electronic tiki party lights available for purchase!

When thinking of Hawaiian Luaus, what comes to mind other than hula dancers, leis and tiki torches? Palm trees! Just like with the other Luau necessities, PartyCheap has your back and an Inflatable Palm Tree for sale! There are two different sizes (5ft and 3ft) available for purchase, allowing you the flexibility of choosing what size tree works best for your Luau theme party. Not only is this palm tree easy to inflate, but its realistic appearance will have your guests thinking that they are actually in Hawaii! This product, like all here at PartyCheap, are high quality products that won’t break the bank.

When it comes to pool party themes, a Luau party is an excellent choice. The Hawaiian style is a lot of fun to replicate, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love the tropical climate of Hawaii!? While this article highlights some possible pool party and Luau theme party supplies, click here for a link that will discuss some other ideas for the party, including food items, drinks and music choices for your event. You can also click the green “Shop Now” button that you see below to see our complete list of decorations for this type of event. Without further ado, just like your hips will be at the party, get movin’!